Diskeeper 7.0

  Steven135 21:36 04 Jul 2003

Does anyone use Diskeeper 7.0 as opposed to the defragmenter which come with XP (which I know is a cut down version of Diskeeper) is it worth getting the full version?

  mikef. 22:23 04 Jul 2003

I use the lite version (which is free), no automatic defrag etc. and find it much quicker than XP's own.

  VoG II 22:58 04 Jul 2003

Yes, I think so. I used to use XP's own and had to run in Safe Mode to get it to complete within a reasonable time. I now have the full version of Diskeeper which defrags my 40 GB drive (2/3 empty) in under 2 minutes. I've set it to "Set it and forget it".

  Steven135 00:15 05 Jul 2003

Thanks think I'll buy it my C drive is 120 gigs.

  hoverman 07:13 05 Jul 2003

I have used the full version for some time now, set to "Set it and forget it", and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  Steven135 10:12 05 Jul 2003

I have bought the download version and it is indeed very fast many thanks for your responses it always helps to check things out here we are lucky to have this forum.

FYI, I had a problem with the system freezing whilst defragging, turns out that Norton System Works 2002 and the protected recylce bin function was the culprit, Uninstalled it now all is sweet.

  joe1234738 16:21 06 Jul 2003

I am also using Diskeeper and it is definitely faster than XP defrag software

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