Disgusting Aftersales!

  Uboat 08:19 11 Feb 2010

My oh my! having dealt with thousands of companies over the years! lastnight (Wed 11th feb) was about the worst ive EVER come across! Let me explain, On ebay i saw a Internal Hard Drive (1Tb) for £68 with the "Make Me a Offer" so i emailed them as asked (I'l copy past Exact wording)

Me:Hi would you accept £50 for this.?
Thankx (click here )

Them:There is always one div and this week its you
I hope this email has been of help
InternetCT & Computer Technology email staff
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Me:Remind me to keep away from your company!! fancy replying like that! you have the "Make me a offer" so i made you a offer! & you call me a DIV! u know NOTHING about me!!! I'l be calling your company tomorrow! to complain

Them:As with people like you my thoughts again were spot on ...........read your own email...........sensible customer or complete div.........I know nothing about you....summed you up so far right no more need to be said really and your type are always so brave hiding behind a computer screen
I hope this email has been of help
InternetCT & Computer Technology email staff
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My Conclusion! He is either New or a family member! i just cant see how anyone would reply so Unprofessional to a simple question! i do hope its not a small family run company cause i have the feeling he may be part of the main structure! making it hard to complain! One things for sure i WONT be ever using them !!

  Boghound 08:45 11 Feb 2010

If your offer included p&p....Then it is an insult!..An offer of £10 less then the asking price would have be justified but not nearly £20!!!

  interzone55 08:54 11 Feb 2010

Your off was 26% less than the asking price, so was pretty insulting in itself, as it's probably less than the cost price.

By the way, "Disgusting Aftersales!" would only apply after a sale...

  Al94 09:02 11 Feb 2010

Have you considered the possibility that the "company" is one person? Quite common. Items sold 29554, feedback rating 99.8% - seems like he's doing a good job and yes, your offer was derisory.

  Uboat 09:13 11 Feb 2010

Yeah i see your points BUT! looking at his feedback on ebay isnt exactly amazing! I dissagree with A194! the Negative Feedback is based around a few areas & comm's is one of them! & i didnt think £50 was outragous! i am not sure what they/he bought it for! & my offer included P&P had he of said i'm sorry but i would accept £55 i would of had it! no chance now though!

  GaT7 10:52 11 Feb 2010

"looking at his feedback on ebay isnt exactly amazing!" - 99.8 positive is pretty amazing to me.

But I agree that the reply could be handled better, no matter how insulting the offer.

What I cannot understand is why you are even considering them when 1Tb hard drives are available elsewhere for less click here. G

  OTT_B 11:07 11 Feb 2010

I'm inclined to agree with you, Uboat. The listing doesn't appear to make it clear what brand the hard drive is, and you can pick up 1TB drives for £55, give or take. I don't think £50 was an unreasonable offer under the circumstances.

As for their response....no excuses there. If they didn't like it all they had to do was to say no!

  Uboat 12:20 11 Feb 2010

Update! ive just had another email from them i sent them another email late lastnight complaining But in a mature & formal mannor, What i got back was swearing & a photo attached with a picture of soon huge guy sat behind a pc in other words they are saying get a life...i cannot paste the text in here, but my reply was amusingly "LOL thankx guys i see what kinda outfit you are i did laugh at the pic bye"..i'l leave it at that..

  Uboat 12:21 11 Feb 2010

Thats paster THERE text in here too much swearing in it..

  OTT_B 12:35 11 Feb 2010

'their', even... ;)

  Uboat 13:12 11 Feb 2010

OTT lol Very true..lol

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