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Disgraceful Talk Talk

  anskyber 11:58 14 Feb 2009

A few weeks ago I checked the availability of Talk Talk services to my telephone number on line. In common with reputable companies Talk Talk asked me to insert my telephone number for line checking. The biggest mistake I have made since in my view the subsequent behaviour of this company is reprehensible.

Since then I have received silent calls other than the odd background noise or giggle. The number is 01415676206 which I have tracked down to Talk Talk. This happens daily at different times. TPS cannot do anything because it is a "silent" call so not marketing, I can at a cost call block with BT. The aim of course by Talk Talk is to get you to ring back and they then cannot be accused of marketing.

Be aware this is gutter tactics and even if they had the perfect package for me they would never get my custom.

  TopCat® 14:09 14 Feb 2009

I would be most surprised if this is now the actual method used by TT to gain customers. I would complain in the strongest terms to their CEO Charles Dunstone, who would then have no choice but to have the matter investigated.

Registered Office: The Carphone Warehouse Group PLC
1 Portal Way
W3 6RS ([email protected]) information that is freely available from the web.

I would also complain to Ofcom at click here and notify Mr Dunstone accordingly of your action. TC.

  Stuartli 15:21 14 Feb 2009

If TalkTalk contacts you by telephone (a representative rang me only yesterday with an upgrade offer), it is done openly and very politely.

Notwithstanding that the proposed upgrade offer would have represented a downgrade, which I equally politely pointed out, the representative concerned proffered his thanks for me giving up my time and we ended the conversation.

My guess was that TT has probably realised that my now three-year-old AnyTime International3 package is perhaps just a bit too much special value...:-)

  anskyber 15:24 14 Feb 2009

It seems I am not alone click here

  Stuartli 18:10 14 Feb 2009

It would seem that the call centre involved is more to blame than TalkTalk - it would be easy for it to adopt a "Caller withheld their number" approach, rather than a standard phone number that can be quickly ascertained using 1471.

  anskyber 18:12 14 Feb 2009

You may be right but they still operate on behalf of TT and it has to be assumed with their blessing.

My second link suggests that TT may find it hard to claim they have no knowledge of the problem.

  Forum Editor 00:22 15 Feb 2009

who has received two or three silent calls from the same number since telling Talk Talk that he didn't want to take up their service.

On the last occasion he told the caller (he could hear that someon was on the line) that if they didn't stop caling he would report the matter to the police as a nuisance call. Since then he has received no further calls.

  anskyber 09:02 15 Feb 2009

Thank you, that sounds like a good approach.

  spuds 11:12 15 Feb 2009

But why should people have to put up with this type of nuisance call, as a possible marketing ploy. Its about time the movers of this type of thing were prosecuted and fined heavily.

Over the past month, I have received a rather large amount of telephone recorded messages from a debt resolution company. Considering that they do not leave a contact number, I am getting to the point of making a serious complaint. But considering my ISP doesn't have a 100 operator or nuisance section, I getting to rather annoyed.

You just do not need this type of thing, from anyone, especially a so called respectable company!.

  AlanHo 20:21 16 Feb 2009

I had a series of nuisance calls from a window company - despite being registered with the telephone and fax preference services. Complaining each time and finally writing 2 or 3 times to their head office made no difference.

About 18 months ago I had yet another sales pitch call - offering a massive discount because they were in our area and needed an installation at my type of house for demo purposes. 40% off if I agreed to show 3 prospective customers my windows. I told the sales guy that I was indeed very interested and he asked for my address so he could visit me to measure up and and sign the deal.

I told him there was no point yet - I wanted the windows - but the house was rented (it isn't - I own it) and he needed to persuade my landlord. After a few expletives he slammed the phone down and I have never heard from them since.

  Stuartli 00:31 17 Feb 2009

If you sign up for TalkTalk in a Carphone Warehouse retail outlet, you will have to provide your full details for the 18 month contract and then sign it.

I know that because it's exactly what my best mate did due to the fact I'd been so pleased with my Anytime International3 package - I still am.

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