Disc pens

  joseph K 09:24 23 Oct 2004

I realise that this may seem like a trivial question, but it is something that is really bugging me.

When I began to use CDs as backup material I intially used a 'photographic print pen to write on them, these being extremely archivally safe.

Eventually I switched to using 'Discplanet' pens, considering these to be absolutely the right thing and hopefully easier to use.

However, I have found that both of these remedies have one thing in common. It takes about half an hour to encourage the ink to leave the tip of the pen and to place itself neatly onto the datadisc. Then once they are put down for a couple of minutes it's back to square one again.

At the moment I have resorted to accompanying each disc with a small piece of paper, which has it's obvious drawbacks (pardon the pun!).

Does anyone know of a make of discpen which will write more eagerly than these two examples please.

  spuds 11:28 23 Oct 2004

Personally I use the cheap Sandford fine point ink pen which is readily available from most stationary supply sources. Never had any problems yet, spanning over a two/three year period.

  iambeavis 11:35 23 Oct 2004

- click here
do packs of two cd-r pens for £1.49

  pl 12:10 23 Oct 2004

If there is a poundland near you you can buy 6 pens for £1.00. I have used them a lot, never any troubles.

  Rwstill 12:31 23 Oct 2004

What I use, and find very good is TDK pens they come in a pack of 4 all different colours.
I have use these type for about 10 months.
You can get them from H W Smiths for about 3.50.

  joseph K 12:46 23 Oct 2004

Thanks folks. There's enough ideas there to keep me going for a long while I should think.

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