Disappointed with Tiscali

  Mike D 11:45 08 Nov 2005

I know that Tiscali has been done to death in these forums, but...

I pay for a 2 MB service, which was fine up until a couple of weeks ago when it started to get sloooooooooooow. Now things seem to be back to nearly normal. Tiscali have now informed me that my line is not capable of supporting a 2MB service (I get speeds of 1.81 MBps) and can only support 1MB service and that I should upgrade(?) to this. Gawd knows what this company is playing at.

Right that's that of me chest, teabreak's over, back on me head.


  Mr A! 12:39 08 Nov 2005

I have a friend who had that problem. She cancelled her account with tiscali and is now with BT Broadband Option 2

  Mike D 12:51 08 Nov 2005

Yup, I think that's the way I will be going.

  Stuartli 13:19 08 Nov 2005

...and a remarkable number of others as well..:-))

  Chegs ® 18:45 08 Nov 2005

I have given up on Tiscali,requested my MAC only to be directed to T&C where it states "28 days notice" and "12 month contract" in the same paragraph.I'm canceling my DD at the same time as giving them the 28 days notice.I dont care if they bill me for the notice time,it will be filed under b.I also care not if I end up net-less for a period,having endured 6 months of no phone let alone internet thru a series of foul ups by BT.

  Mike D 07:38 09 Nov 2005


You have my sympathy, and when convenient (if it ever is) I will be following you. I think that the moves from Tiscali will be like the bull run at Pamplona (spelling?)


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