Disappointed in Evesham

  Stephen98 17:39 13 May 2003

Bought an Axis June 2001 - recommended by pc advisor and other mags. Influenced by after sales service and on-site guarantee as my knowledge is limited. Specified with CD R/W which came with Nero. Unable to burn CDs last Dec and Windows ME kept hanging; had to do ctr/alt/del at least twice a day. Support consisted of emails and phone lines permanently engaged except for premium rate line. Exchange of emails took approx 1 week each. Support consisted of time consuming routines culminating in having to do a complete reinstall of Windows ME. Finally sent engineer as part of on-site warranty at end of March - after nine weeks of frustration. Engineer replaced CD unit. Now can burn CDs but Windows ME still crashing / hanging. Back to support (by email) and reply was to do exactly what they said 12 weeks ago.

Disappointed both in the computer itself but more in the aftersales service which turns out to be rudimentary and not really worth considering when making a choice of which computer to buy. Letter (ie email) of complaint just elicited the usual apology together with slogans on how they pride themselves etc etc. with no attempt to address any of the issues. Might as well have gone to Comet.

Is it worth upgrading to XP to get a more stable OS?

  PSF 18:03 13 May 2003

I personally would recommend updating to XP.

I use it on both of my pc's with no problems.
My older pc had ME on it and 2-3 reboots a day was not unusual.

I don't think you can blame Evesham for the software problems. The earlier Windows did not have the stability of XP. All sorts of different conflicts would cause Windows to crash or lock up. You would see the difference with XP.

If a program crashes for any reason, XP will normally recover without a reboot.

Check to see if your hardware is compatible for XP. click here

  LAP 19:32 13 May 2003

I recently purchased a computer and monitor from Evesham, via the internet. Unfortunately they took the amount from my account times two, I went overdrawn. I made a complaint, received an almost instant apology, my money returned. My computer was delivered earlier than expected (the best bit) and a nice little digital camera for my troubles.
I will give Evesham 10 out of 10 for effort.Lap

  Kilobyte 19:55 13 May 2003

What exact model of computer is yours? I have an evesham axis 1.33SK - it has performed almost faultlessly - except when the hard drive failed completely about 9 months ago but was replaced quite quickly. I'm almost certain that evesham only provide support on a machine as configured at the time of purchase [including operating system]. So if you do upgrade, I think you'll find that they won't want to know.

  Stephen98 21:20 13 May 2003

This was an Axis 1333sk and it was as configured. My disappointment with the company was that it took 12 weeks to remedy a hardware problem - the CD - and their response to the software problem seemed to be just a series of standard off the shelf responses. Nearly 5 months on, things are no better. Hence my disenchantment with much trumpeted after sales service. Other people in "Well done Evesham" seem to have a different experience.

Ref upgrading to xp; should this be via the upgrade @ about £80, or a complete re-installation @ about £160?

  Steve27 21:31 13 May 2003

I upgraded my Evesham 1400 Athlon from WME to XP Home and still received a replacement CDRW drive when mine failed. System has been rock solid since the upgrade. ME has always been a pigs breakfast of an OS IMHO.

(I bought the upgrade version of XP)

  Strangely Brown 09:28 14 May 2003

I also bought the Axis 1333SK in April 2001. The CPU burned out in June 02 due to an ill fitting heatsink. Engineer visited within 5 days and replaced the CPU whilst also fitting a much better heatsink. Cannot praise them highly enough.

Windows ME on the other hand, blimey! My system has been much more stable since I upgraded to XP with only a few issues relating to old drivers that I am slowly ironing out.

Incidentally, as of last week, the motherboard is capable of of supporting CPU's up to the Athlon XP 2600+ (266mhz). That's next on my list

  Eman001 10:22 14 May 2003

I concur with Stephen in every respect and congratulate him on his ability to burn CDs now. I bought an Athlon 1600 and to this day still cannot burn CDs. This is dispite having a so called 3 year warranty. Their helpline is non-existant, unless you don't work and can sit on the phone all day optimistically hoping they will answer (they don't), even if you have taken the trouble to take a day off. If you do work, then by the time you get home, Evesham have already beaten you to it and shut down their operation for the day. On Saturdays, everyone is trying to get through to sort out their problems, so forget it. Emails you suggest, how about sending them 100 emails and NEVER getting a reply. My system crashes continuously, and my Ctrl+Alt+Del keys are already wearing thin. I have come to the only conclusion possible the computer magazines who rated Evesham so highly are in collusion with Evesham and a so called computer manufactuer. By the way I am at work now extremely happy with my Dell. Want some good advice NEVER EVER BY EVESHAM.

  JoeC 10:29 14 May 2003

to Evesham - try the PC Advisor one.

[email protected]

  Steve27 14:19 14 May 2003

I find it very hard to understand how 100!!!! e-mails have elicited no response at all from Evesham neither do I know why Eman001 can never ever get through to customer support.

I would be interested to find out why he/she has been singled out for such bad service when so many are very satisfied with this firm.

  anchor 16:03 14 May 2003

I had occasion to phone Evesham support a couple of times recently. Maybe I was lucky, but did not wait more than a few minutes to speak to someone. I admit this was not a Saturday.

This has been my experience whenever I have called them, (not often its true), over the last 2 years.

E-mails sent to the pc adviser address given by JoeC have always got a response.

Recently my hard drive showed signs of ageing. An engineer came the next working day to replace it. I found this to be rather noisy and contacted Evesham again. Another visit was arranged, and within 2 working days and a different hard drive was fitted. This one is perfect.

I must speak as I find, and praise Evesham support and service.

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