Disappointed with Evesham

  Tizer006 11:51 10 Apr 2006

I decided to buy a brand new PC in March and having looked at all the press repoerts and comments raving about Evesham I decided to give them a try. I ordered a new PC on 20th March 2006 and received an e-mail from them a letter almost immediately which was great promising that my computer would be delivered within 9 working days if there were no component shortages (and that most were delivered in this timescale) or up to a maximum of 28 days if there were any shortages. Excitedly I checked my order tracking everyday expecting the PC to arrive fairly quickly. 3 weeks on after hearing nothing I rang them and have been told that because of a shortage of graphics cards they will not be receiving them until 30 April and if they get them in then I would not get my PC until at least 5 days after that - so it will be at least 40 since I ordered my PC until I get it. I'm really annoyed why do PC companies make these claims about delivery?? It seems to me its actually lying making promises of delivery within 28 days!!! And why on earth can't PC companies order more cards in if they know customers are going to have to wait!! Lots of people may have had great customer service experiences with Evesham...but I haven't am I'm really disappointed in Evesham because I deliberately chose to go with them thinking I would avoid all this hassle in the first place. Jamie -x-

  SG Atlantis® 12:14 10 Apr 2006

If they buy in too many the risk being stuck with old components that no one wants. But I agree they should be able to predict demand a bit better than what they are doing...

40 days wait is not acceptable. In that time the machine may have gotten cheaper, you never know.

...I wouldn't wait that long.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 10 Apr 2006

This is why PCWorld exists.


  Vic Smith 12:46 10 Apr 2006

I'm in the same boat, Tizer, except I ordered mine nine days after you, on the 29th.
Don't know what graphics card is in your setup, but mine is the XFX 7900GT. I guessed there might have been a delay as it's a new card, and looking around a few e-tailers, no one seems to have any stock at the moment.
It's a pain waiting I know, but what can you do?


  Tizer006 16:08 10 Apr 2006

Thanks for the responses guys appreciate your replies.

Thanks Vic - yeah mine's a 7900GT as well according to Evesham they're ordering them in on 30th April - they said they could get a 7600 to me within 5 days but the waiting times for the 7900 GT and the GTX graphics cards are longer - (definately not going for the 7600 option its nowhere near as good) but they seem pretty sure they can get them in by 30th April (they've ordered 100 and only 65 have been taken up with orders so far so we should both be okay! so fingers crossed!!;0(... anyway hope you get your soon too Vic.

Yeah agree its tempting not to wait and look else where but the PCs in PC World are nowhere near as powerful and more expensive - theyre selling graphics cards on top-end PCs which wont even work the latest games according to PC mags and, to be honest, I've waited so long now if I go somewhere like Mesh or Dell by the time Ive ordered I'll probably be waiting as long if not longer so will stick with it and grit me teeth!!! keep you posted guys anyway and thanks once again.....rite now where's Eveshams Cutomer Service number....!!!;o) Jamie -x-

  Vic Smith 17:01 10 Apr 2006

Just had a look at the Dabs, Scan and Overclockers sites and nobody has them in stock. I've been keeping my eye on the 7900GT page on Evesham's peripheral site, Lowestonweb.

The date due for these cards has been changing a fair bit. First they had 30 due on 30/3. That changed to 30 due on 13/4, and now it's 30 due on 30/4. Hopefully it won't be put back again.
Anyway, let us know how you get on and I'll do the same.


  Forum Editor 18:43 10 Apr 2006

Consider a couple of points:-

1. Computer manufacturers don't have the power to foresee the future to the extent that they know how many people will order a particular graphics card within a specific time-frame. They can guess, but that's about it.

2. With that in mind, imagine how many different variations of configuration there are, and then take a guess at how much money might be involved in carrying stock of every component that might be ordered within the next few weeks or months - the resulting figure would be enormous.

Big manufacturers (in any field) usually work on the 'just in time' system of component supply - that is, they place orders for the components as and when they take orders, and their suppliers make deliveries around the clock. If the system works as it should, components come off lorries at one side of the factory, and go straight into the production cycle. A graphics card that's delivered on Monday morning is inside a computer by nightfall.

The problem with this supply method is that it's only as reliable as the component manufacturers' delivery network, and component shortages don't show up when the order is taken.

  Aargh 18:50 10 Apr 2006

Agree with FE - supply chain probs are frustrating but your evesham will be worth the wait. I've had 2 systems off them over the years and they prove to be well configured and reliable machines - good warranties and backup -and only a defective monitor to complain about (replacement by return post from philips).

  oresome 20:07 10 Apr 2006

Just think what will happen if one of these video cards fails shortly after arrival.

With a backlog of new machines to get out, how many will be earmarked for the spares department?

  realist 21:29 10 Apr 2006

well I've had three pc's off of Evesham and my experience on each occasion was that the darned thing arrived before I'd had time to clear a space for it!

  Tizer006 18:06 24 Apr 2006

Well its been 1 month and 2 days now since I ordered my Evesham and the graphics cards delivery times have now been changed 3 times..it seems Evesham getting hold of a 7900 GT card is pretty much impossible the date has now been setback again they reckon that I will have my PC by 10 May but considering I ordered it almost 2 months before it doesnt exactly inspire confidence....I could go to yoyotech and buy a similar graphics card tomorrow so I'm seriously considering cancelling the order now....Hope your having more luck than me Vic.... I thought I had problems when I brought a Mesh a few years back!! it seems its the same old story 7 years on and nothing has changed !!... hmmm don't think I'd use Evesham again - its pretty pathetic it takes almost 2 months for a large PC company to get in graphic chips and mags forums like Consumerwatch should be responsible for making it clear to companies that is not acceptable not defending them!!!... that 28 day maximum promise in the event of component shortages when you sign up for a PC seems pretty much a joke now...:o(

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