Disappointed with ASUS info...

  Simsy 16:17 24 Nov 2009


Just got an ASUS laptop, (on behalf of dad, for mum). click here

I'm waiting for the Win 7 upgrade stuff to come, then I'll do a clean install, (I checked with ASUS before purchase; this is possible.)

The laptop itself seems fine, everything seesm to work, and it's all nice and fast.


It come with LOADS of bundled software. I know that's not unusual, but a lot of it is ASUS's own software. The problem is that there is no advice/information on what it's for, or how to use it. None. Not in the documentation that came in the unopened, sealed, box. Not on any of the few CDs that came with is, (Restore, Drivers and apps, and CD burning app), and not, as far as I can see, on the website either.

It's not a major problem as when I reinstall with Win 7 it will be kept quite tidy with not none of the software anyway...

But it's a bit anoying as I'm going to get a new laptop for myself shortly, (probably the same one). It really would be nice to know how to use the stuff!



  tullie 16:51 24 Nov 2009

If it was me i would try each one,which would tell me what its for.

  Simsy 18:03 24 Nov 2009

I can do that... but that doesn't tell you HOW to use them. There's supposed to be software that logs you in by recognising your face... Now I don't think that's a good idea, but...

No instructions. I've had to delve, hit and miss to get an output from the built in webcam. I just don't think I should be left floundering without help.

I'm an experienced PC user, the family expert. If anyone else in the family had this, they'd be completely at sea.

It can't really cost that much to provide documentation for this, surely!



  canarieslover 21:00 24 Nov 2009

Like a lot of software nowadays it is a question of relying on help files, or, if you are really lucky, a pdf manual. My early versions of Microsoft Office and Corel Draw came with manuals that needed a strong man to carry them up to my computer room but I hate to think how many trees had to fall to support this. With 'free' software it's always going to be 'learn as you go' unfortunately.

  Simsy 21:17 24 Nov 2009

tree argument.
In this case there are no help files, nor pdfs, nor, as far as I can see, info on ASUS web site for any of the following bits of software;

ASUS Win flash for BIOS and Driver live Update
ASUS CopyProtect
ASUS SmartLogon
ASUS Net 4 switch
ASUS NB Probe +
ASUS Wireless Console
ASUS Data Security Management(ADSM)
ASUS Splendid

It's not even obvious what they are for!

It's not a big issue in this instance because, as I mentioned earlier, a fresh install of Win 7 will get rid of anything that's not needed/wanted.

It's just a shame because, (presumeably!), someone has gone to some effort to actually develop the software, and it's not being given a fair chance!



  canarieslover 21:26 24 Nov 2009

....that I would really like some info with regard ti Win flash before I used it. That really has the potential to kill your computer if you do something wrong with it!!

  BRYNIT 22:49 24 Nov 2009

Sometimes the pdf files may be in a folder on a partition. Also if you look in the folders in start all programs.

From the ASUS web site.

ASUS SmartLogon
This exclusive face capture and recognition software enables users to log into Windows without having to key in any passwords, leading to greater convenience.

ASUS CopyProtect prevents the unauthorized reproduction of data in the notebooks. When locked, the content in the notebook will not be replicated by burning a CD/DVD and transferring to a floppy disk, an external storage medium or network drive.


Summarizes Hardware Sensor and Disk information
Summarizes the status of used space and free space
Displays system information for you to know your system well

Can not find information on the others.

  onionskin 23:06 24 Nov 2009

What annoys me is the stuff you install to try it out and the first thing it does is direct you to the website which tells you to uninstall it and download the latest version which turns out to be rubbish which you don't want anyway so you then have to uninstall it.

  Simsy 06:35 25 Nov 2009

"Can not find information on the others." And what info you can find isn't helpful in USING the software.

I rest my case!



  GaT7 16:06 25 Nov 2009

If you don't know what it's for/not likely to make use of it, just uninstall the whole lot - that's my policy with bundled software.

All my systems are self-built, & I rarely use or even try any of the motherboards manufacturers' utilities - it doesn't take away one bit from my computing experience. I decide which third-party programs & utilities I need & only install these. G

  Simsy 16:33 25 Nov 2009

That's what I'll do.

The thread wasn't about the presence of software.
Just the lack of info on it.

I'll close this now.

Thanks to all for the interest!



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