Disable your Firewall

  Bandy 19:20 13 Jun 2003

I called a well known computer supplier this afternoon with the intention of ordering more equipment from them, however I'm thinking about it now.

When I explained to the young lady on the telephone that I had tried to purchase said equipment on line but had been having problems she reported that their site was perfectly allright, and she was quite willing to take my order over the telephone. The young lady then went on to tell me that the reason I was having problems was that I was using a firewall and that it would need to be disabled on my computer before the site would work properly for me.

I did not take her advice, or give her the order. Should others be given the same, or similar, advice then I hope that they too would ignore it.

I went back to the site later in the afternoon and it worked perfectly, with the firewall up and running. And in case you ask Yes I did make the purchase although I did inform the company of the poor advice,

  Jester2K II 19:27 13 Jun 2003

Yes this is another example of poor random advise given by people "not in the know".

What i find even more shocking is that when i turn up to a clients premises and they say "i've been onto Epson / HP / BT/ Telewest / MS etc etc for over an hour in total and X still doesn't work" i can get it working in under 15 with the simplest of things.

Real case - client has had problems with Self Install ADSL from BT. They tried everything on the phone, tested the line, changed the filters, got him to buy a new ADSL modem for £90 etc. In the end they said "get an engineer out" and hung up on him. I was called and after a 5 minute conversation with BT sorted it! The problem - they never told him he need to put a password in a certain field in the settings so it would never allow a connection!!!!

  3Toed 19:28 13 Jun 2003

I quite agree,whats the point of having a firewall if only to disable it?

Maybe your pc is configured not to accept 'cookies'and they were trying to send you one with no success at that particular time.But that wouldn?t explain how you managed to contact them later(unless your firewall was re-configured)

Choose what,you were given poor advice anyway.

  Bandy 08:23 14 Jun 2003

No 3Toed
The cookies were enabled previously and the firewall was not reconfigured.

The point really was the inability of the assistant to listen to the customer resulting in the offer of very poor advice, and the raising in my mind of doubts concerning the company that were not there previously.

whilst I may well continue dealing with the company I am less likely to do so than was previously the case.

  spuds 11:37 14 Jun 2003

Recently I tried to assist a friend who was having constant problems with his new broadband connection crashing.Various things were attempted, and the advice from BT and Freeserve was to disable the ZoneAlarm firewall.Various tests were then conducted, and the machine seemed to work without crashing. Further investigations are being conducted, to see if the firewall was the actual culprit.Apparently when you have a firewall, like the ZoneAlarm freebie, it will work fine on 56k, but when broadband is connected, then problems seem to appear.ZoneAlarm paid up version seems to correct this problem.

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