Disable onboard graphics.

  Hamlet 11 14:34 19 Jul 2003

Am attempting to disable an onboard graphics card in order to upgrade to a GE Force FX5200 card. So far without success. I have disabled the onboard graphics card via the device manager,but the computer will not detect new card niether will the hardware wizard. Please help am coming close to computer thro window
I am running Windows XP on an Athlon 2400+ with 80GB hard disk.

  Steven135 14:46 19 Jul 2003

You probably need to disable the onboard graphics via the BIOS. Enter bios setup by pressing the delete key on bootup or the relevent key for your machine.

  Hamlet 11 15:47 19 Jul 2003


Thanks but have made tentative sortes into Bios but can find nothing to indicate an onboard Graphics card

  H-J 16:48 19 Jul 2003

then go to the manufacturers website and download the manual for the board. that should contain the info you need.


  Stuartli 18:54 19 Jul 2003

You will probably find the relevant enable/disable function in Chipset Features, in company or close to the same function for onboard sound.

  Gaz W 15:52 22 Jul 2003

If it's an older motherboard (although I doubt it if you're installing a GeForce FX5200) it might be a jumper on the motherboard that enables/disables the onboard graphics.

Often in the BIOS it has something like (without having just looked) Primary Display or something to the effect of "search here first for display adapter"). On computers I have used with onboard graphics that don't have an AGP slot, the options are AGP or PCI Slot. Maybe on yours it might be set to AGP but there's AGP Slot and PCI slot?

  Jomi 17:30 22 Jul 2003

Did you install the drivers for the card?
If not get them from click here
I din't disable my onboard graphics to install my AGP card, the board detects the change.

  tenaka 17:41 22 Jul 2003

In my experience you'll find one of the following;

1, Setting in bios
2, jumper on motherboard
3, putting alt card in auto disables on-board
4, you actually cannot disable it on your board

have you tried the manual or asking the company that sold it to you?

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