Dirt cheap memory at Morrisons

  Covergirl 22:56 08 Oct 2008

I think their website is biased towards groceries but (I'm sure) I saw 2Gb SD and memory sticks for £5 and 4GB SD & memory sticks for £10. Might not be the fastest but does it have to be?

Follows on from the £7.50 2GB SanDisk SDs they've been selling lately.

  Stuartli 23:31 08 Oct 2008

It's not all that long ago that it cost me £3 for a 1GB SD card at Morrisons and I thought that was good - then came the 2GB card for £7.50...:-(

click here

click here

But see:

click here

Shipping £2.

But it seems too good to be true.....:-(

  Stuartli 23:33 08 Oct 2008

Still have plenty of the Philips low energy bulbs at 39p each or FIVE for 50p in my local Morrisons.

  spuds 00:27 09 Oct 2008

Your Morrisons store must have our stores supply. Saw the advert, visited the store, and both a couple of people plus myself couldn't find the bulbs. Asked one of the staff and got a blank look. The same for the 50p parsnips, but I did manage to get the £3.00 curry deal and a 50p small jars of Mango chutney (last one) ;o)

  hssutton 09:53 09 Oct 2008

£7-60 for 4Gb at memory bits and £6-50 @ picstop.

I find picstop to be excellent I buy7 ny Compactflash and inkjets from them click here

  Stuartli 10:02 09 Oct 2008

My best mate had the same problem - despite the national newspaper advertising, the Morrisons staff didn't know about the offer when he nipped in.

That was about a fortnight ago and, in the end, I bought them whilst on the usual weekly visit to our local store.

One point to watch is to make sure that you get the right bulbs i.e. bayonet or Edison Screw..:-)

Only a tiny illustration change on the package indicates which type you are buying and it's easy, as I found on one occasion in the past, to take home a mixture of the two types.

Easily swapped though on a return visit.

  PalaeoBill 21:14 09 Oct 2008

A word or warning, check the speed rating on the SD cards. The one I bought is a tad sluggish and as I threw the packaging I have no idea what it was supposed to be.

  GaT7 23:54 09 Oct 2008

Another word of warning....

Do not buy branded SD cards, flash memory, & similar off Amazon Marketplace sellers (Stuartli's last link), or even eBay as a lot of it is fake.

"But it seems too good to be true.....:-(" - I'm glad you mentioned that. G

  Stuartli 00:37 10 Oct 2008

I've used Amazon marketplace sellers on several occasions and have yet to regret it for any reason.

  GaT7 17:08 10 Oct 2008

I'm glad for you Stuartli, & hope everybody would have the same experience, but it doesn't happen in reality. Just read some of the feedback.

Anyway, after being messed about a few times, I don't trust those sellers at all. Only ever use them if the item isn't available elsewhere, there's is at a significant reduced price & subject to the reply (or non-reply) I get. Always make sure to email them to confirm whether I'll get exactly as advertised (or Amazon is selling), availability, authenticity, condition, warranty (if applicable), etc of goods before buying. G

  Si_L 17:51 10 Oct 2008

Its worth spending the extra few quid knowing that its a good quality one. I had a whole load of holiday photos corrupted by a card from Amazon.

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