Dragon_Heart 11:41 07 Jun 2006

PO Box 5
SO53 3JR

Has anyone had any personal experience of the above company ?

I am after a 512 Mb SD Card and they have an "Integral" card for less than £11 incl P & P

Any help appreciated !

  scotmax 14:05 07 Jun 2006

Not had and dealings with them, but would reconmend MyMemory click here
Had very good service from them.

May Help you

  Gizmo2005 18:04 07 Jun 2006

Yes I have used them on a number of occasions for, photo’s via the internet, I think we got 25 4x6 for 6p each (very good quality) + I ordered batteries, one was out of stock and within a week it arrived, and at Christmas I ordered a jigsaw and mug with our new puppy on them, I would use without hesitation.

Hope that helps

  Dragon_Heart 21:41 07 Jun 2006

Thanks scotmax & Gizmo2005

  Dragon_Heart 00:37 19 Jun 2006

I can now answer my own question ...

Order placed at 23.57 on Monday

Money taken from my account on the Tuesday

Goods delivered safe and sound in working order on Thursday

Keep up the good service folks !

  Dragon_Heart 00:03 11 Aug 2007

My last comment of "Keep up the good service folks !" must have fell on deaf ears !

Directfoto Ltd have now moved to

On the 13th June I ordered two 1Gb SD cards, an Integral @ £6.79 and a Transend @ £7.99 a total of £14.78 which was taken from my account on the 15th June.

When the order arrived a few days later the Transend was not sent ( apparently due to supply problems ) but by mid July I have not been refunded my £7.99 and asked for this be corrected ASAP please.

A couple of days later they confirmed they had cancelled my order and "put to accounts for a refund".

They also apologised for the inconvenience.
My last e-mail is as follows :-

Your apology appears to count for nothing !

You have advertised for goods that you did not have !
You took money from my account for goods you did not have !

After a reasonable period of time you failed to repay the moines taken !

After a promise to return the moines and again a reasonable period of time you failed to repay the moines taken !

That it theft !

I have already reported your company to the local Trading Standards office in Guernsey and intend to warn others about your service on the various PC & photo web forums I contribute to.

On your web site you claim:-

Our success story

1. Directfoto is an award-winning company with over 20 years experience.

2. Customer satisfaction is our goal. You have failed miserably in this case !

6. We offer top brands at the lowest prices. In fact we are constantly seeking to better the prices and the product range for your benefit. You can't even supply the goods you advertise !

7. Money back guarantee. What money back guarantee ?

One very disappointed ex-customer !

My only course of action to pursue the matter further would be to take out a claim in Guernsey's Petty Debts Court, which is the equivalent of the Small Claims Procedure in the UK. It should be noted that the Petty Debts procedure requires that a claimant appear in person in the court.

  Baby Jo 16:02 08 Jan 2008

I ordered a set of batteries over the summer and after the stated 2 weeks, (which we are informed to wait for completetion of delivery) the goods did not arrive.

When I contacted Directfoto I was informed that they were out of stock and would be sent "by the end of the week". That came and went and this saga continued for a while. Eventually after around 6 weeks + I recived the order (probably emailed them 50? times?)

Then I made t a mistake and placed another order with them thining it was a one off, for a memory card at the end of October 2007. They sent the wrong goods, and asked me to "return them and they would send out the right ones". The replecement they sent were the same wrong ones I had only just returned! They asked me to send it back "and they would make sure i receive the right ones this time."

When I emailed them they told me that the goods had already been despatched..I contacted them to say I had not recieved anything and they once again said the goods were sent already!

This time when I asked them, I was told the goods were not depatched and I was "being given a refund and my order had been sent to accounts."

That was in early December, now they dont bother answering mail, and delete (yes delete) any mail sent to them....They have charged me in October yet do not want to deliver or give my money back!!!

Have to wait and see what happens but I'm not prepared to let them get away with it, just think of the amount of other people they are doing this to!!! They must be raking it in :=O

  laserfireball 15:18 14 Jan 2008

Whatever you do do not buy from this company, they will take your money and you will not get your goods. You will never hear from them again, dont believe me, try phoning the number on the website, it is constantly engaged!!

  833P 18:50 15 Jan 2008

They do not send the goods out within the time stated on their site or contact you to tell you so. Nor do they reply to email queries about goods are supposedly on their way. Their care line is completely useless as it is continually engaged (or more likely off the hook). The only thing they do quickly is take your money off you.

I will not be buying from again, ever.

  MAMO 21:02 16 Jan 2008

Do not buy from these sellers!!! I ordered a digital photoframe on 14/12/07 for £95.99 !!! I am stil waiting for it to arrive.I have sent loads of emails with no reply, i telephone daily - a constant engaged tone,i have written - no reply.They have almost £ 100 of my money with no intention of supplying by the look of it.The website is still active so they are still taking peoples money - absolute crooks !!!!!!

  833P 23:24 17 Jan 2008

I ordered a LED-V2 Laser Light priced on their site at £29.99

What they sent me was a V9 Laser Pointer, which retails at a third of the price.

I would urge anyone who has been ripped off by these cowboys to contact Guernsey Trading Standards. Tel 01481 234567

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