Dimage X or X20 ?

  dagbladet 08:17 15 Aug 2003

I've been looking around for my first digital. As (in this case) size matters i've been looking at the little Dimages. I've been shown the X and the X20 which are coming in at about the same price, the major difference (I think) being the older X takes a Li-ion "camera" battery and the X20, 2 x AA's. Any firm nudge in one direction would be appreciated as I can see merits in both and am dithering somewhat. Thanks D

  anchor 17:10 15 Aug 2003

Have a look at these conclusion on the Dimage X; not very good.

click here

  Jean-Luc Picard 17:26 15 Aug 2003

Get the X20 and use Uniross 2300 mah rechageable batteries from 7dayshop.

  Tenner 18:12 15 Aug 2003

... and yet, another 'serious' source, well a photo-specialist magazine ( Digital Photography Made Easy ) recently gave the Dimage X its Annual Gold Award for Ultra Compacts, scoring 93%.

Just shows, personal judgement creeps in even with 'specialist' testers. Only by studying their reports over a long period, do you begin to trust the judgement of the professional specialists. I hope htat doesn't sound arogant, but some mags employ people who test washing machines the following day ;-)

At the end of the day, as has been said many times, you have to handle them and study the results - Jessops will give demos, they do say.


  Rocketeer 19:32 15 Aug 2003

I have Dimage X and it's okay for general snapshot photography. Anything more specialist - I would look to an entirely different make/model.

  dagbladet 21:03 15 Aug 2003

Thanks for the responses so far. I'm only really after a happy snapper. I initially set myself a budget of £150 and hoped to get 2 meg. Then I discovered the need for extra memory cards and batteries. AA batts would seem to be the norm (I initially thought it was some cost cutting measure). Then I was shown a Dim X which had been reduced as it was being superseeded (by the X20?) and today i've been at lakeside and seen about four other "reduced because their obsolete" cameras and quite frankly I'm back to square one. Any advice, £150-£200, 2 megapixels, batteries, 64 meg card, optical zoom would be nice, but i'm getting greedy now. Keep the good gen coming, thanks,

  Tenner 10:43 16 Aug 2003

Like many things - the anticipation is as good as the participation - do some more research, window shopping. Check out a decent photo mag or 2, eg Digital Photo, rather than a general pc mag. Then try click here for end-of-line bargains/refurbs like the Nikons BUT check availability by phone before you part with your dosh. Try your local photo specialist , eg Jessops - they'll let you handle them ( on a slack day, Tuesday if poss ) They'll match web prices, but check availability before you start to haggle.

In case you missed it, one of many recent threads should give you a fresh start : click here

Rocketeer - may I congratulate you, you're the first person I've seen on theads actually criticise your own purchase - many simply try to convince ( us/themselves ) that they chose the best. It must be a macho thing, like not admitting to being anything other than a perfect driver ;-P


  jospar 21:03 16 Aug 2003

Just to confuse matters a little bit more!

If you looking for a happy snapper, then if you got an Asda near you, have a look at there camera section you might be suprised.

I brought a Vivicam 3715 @£137 from my local branch. It was the best deal, it has 3.3 mega pixels, quite a few other features as well.

I've just printed off some of my holiday pitures and I was impressed with the quaility. Colour and sharpness was really high quaility. Infact I've printed one off, onto A4 size and it looks like its been done by the lab, (a must though is a very good quaility photo printer)

I've compared mine to two friends brand named cameras, which cost about £200 more, the only difference being that I don't have sound on my video clips, and my F stops are automatic, so no choice.

As for batteries get rechargeable, the higher the better, all digital camera are hungary when it comes to power.

But a tip here, even though they might not have enough power to run a camera, there is still plenty of power left in them, mine I pass to my son for his gameboy, before recharging or throwing away.

So my point of view is names may not always be the best, but will be the most expensive!

  dagbladet 12:22 17 Aug 2003

Thanks everyone. I'm probably less sure now than I ever was. That is only because some of your opinions and Links have shown me other excellent options. I really don't know which camera to buy, however, it's becoming apparent that I could go on forever pondering over spec and features and never actually get a camera ! So based on advice from a hundred and one useful sources I'm going out now and I'm going to buy A Fuji A202 that I've seen on sale for £99....... or a Kodak £4210 for £109....... or a Olympus C120 for £90, Or an Aiptek 3.3mp for £99..........or I might order off the net.......or........

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