Digital World - what's all this about then?

  Forum Editor 19:12 11 Sep 2003
  sil_ver 19:23 11 Sep 2003

Thought you were an editor not a salesman ;-)

  Stuartli 19:37 11 Sep 2003

Just can't put a finger on it....

  Forum Editor 22:38 11 Sep 2003

with a shameless plug is there? We live in a digital world, so we thought you might like to be kept up to date with technologies as they develop.

Maybe we'll have a forum on that site too...........give me something to do in the wee small hours.

  spuds 18:54 12 Sep 2003

Should I say this?

What another specialized magazine for the newsagents shelf (;o))

  Forum Editor 16:30 20 Sep 2003

We're glad you liked it.

A touch of red eh? We'll see what we can do.

This is a new venture for us, and we think it has a future. What we want to know is what you think. Without feedback it's difficult to know whether we have it wildly wrong, slightly wrong, or about right. Obviously the first edition of any new magazine is a bit of a gamble in terms of hitting the target, but we think there are a lot of people out there who want to know about new technology from a source thay can trust. There's a good deal of hype about emerging technologies, and we aim to provide an authoratitive and unbiased overview.

Remember when ADSL was first mooted? It sounded like science fiction, and was bound to be impossibly expensive. I can clearly remember the BT trialing of the service in London - and how excited I became when I saw it in action for the first time. Over 2.3 million of us now have a broadband service, and the figure's rising daily. What was once cutting-edge is now in the mainstream, and only just over two years have gone by.

There will be other technologies that will do the same thing - and plenty which won't. Digital World will tell you about them, in a common sense, grown up way. We won't patronise you with baby talk, but we won't blind you with technobabble either. Watch the site, and look forward to the next issue.

  powerless 18:55 22 Sep 2003


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