Digital TV Tuners and Freeview

  psyoung 22:13 03 Oct 2003

Can anyone help?
I've seen digital TV tuners advertised, but do they have any connection with digital TV? I live in an area where I can only receive digital TV via Sky. I cannot get cable or Freeview.
If I was to buy a digital TV tuner card could I receive all of the free digital channels available on Freeview?

  ams4127 22:33 03 Oct 2003

The short answer is No.

I have a digital TV but the local transmitter has yet to be upgraded. When it is, I shall be able to sling the Sky box out the window and get Freeview without any additional cards or boxes.

So, until your area is covered by Freeview you will not be able to receive it.

  Jack D 22:44 03 Oct 2003

You won't get Freeview without a Set Top Box. But you will not get it with a Set Top Box if you are in a weak signal area or if your local transmitter has not yet been upgraded. Best to check the Freeview site and check your PostCode.

  Jack D 22:49 03 Oct 2003

Should also have said that if you are talking about a Digital TV Tuner for the PC it is the same as a Set Top Box and the same provisos apply.

  Robespiere 23:02 03 Oct 2003

I am in a place where freeview is not available but with a decent antenna I am watching freeview which is excellent. I have already dumped my sky digibox in the bin and of course cancelled my direct debit to sky. So try a better arial.

  Jack D 23:06 03 Oct 2003

You cannot be in "a place where Freeview is not available" if you are receiving it with an upgraded aerial.

  DieSse 23:06 03 Oct 2003

"I've seen digital TV tuners advertised, but do they have any connection with digital TV"

Of course they do - it's which type that matters.

There are three types of digital TV -

Satellite (such as Sky, but also from other senders)

Terrestrial (such as Freeview)

Cable (such as NTL)

A digital tuner for a PC will be for one of the above types, and will say for which type, as they are all different.

If it's for satellite, it must also say for which broadcasts, and whether it has any decryption facilities.

  DieSse 23:12 03 Oct 2003

"I have a digital TV"

I think you mean you have a TV with a built in digital Freeview tuner.

There is actually no such thing as a "Digtal TV". TVs are by their very nature analogue devices - though they may include some digital circuitry.

Just putting a Freeview tuner into the same box means just that - two boxes in one - a Freeview receiver built in to a TV. In theory at least you could also get a Sky or any other kind of digital service receiver built-in to a TV.

  graham√ 09:24 04 Oct 2003

Note that normally to receive digital TV 'off-air' you will need a digital TV aerial.

  psyoung 14:27 04 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone for your swift responses. I suppose I'll just have to wait until the time comes for cable or Freeview to come to rural parts of Dorset!
I was just hoping that the 'PC entertainment centres' that are being reviewed recently could replace the TV and offer a satellite service as well.
Looks like I'll have to become a Sky subscriber to get the quality offerings of Channel 5!

  SEASHANTY 15:39 04 Oct 2003

Note on Freeview. If you check the Freeview website and key in your post code and you get a response saying that only such and such channels (usually BBC) are available this may not be the case. I was told that but with the aid of 4 in line aerial signal boosters I am receiving 56 digital terrestial tv and radio channels. Two boxes connected where the aerial co-ax enters the property and two near the tv set. Digital box is the PACE (omelette shaped one - currently £70 from Argos). The foregoing with just an 11 element outside aerial on the chimney. I had a wideband high gain Labgear 52 element installed with the hope of ridding myself of the four aerial amps but that hasn't worked - I still have to use 2 signal boosters with this supposedly capable digital aerial. A masthead aerial amp may possibly allow removal of the two boosters but as this is 6 of one and half a doz of the other I am not bothering. The digital channels are all working fine.

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