Digital TV question

  kiz 11:29 21 May 2005

I have just bought an LCD Digital TV. I was pleased to pick up get over 20 extra channels (inclusing some only available on sky) as I hadn't upgraded my aerial. But now one week later I cannot get anything extra except News24, Sky news and Sky one. Someone has suggested that all new TVs are coded so that you can receive extra channels at first as a 'come on' to buy the Sky package. Has anyone heard of this? Also what is the point of me going out and buying a digibox if it already built in. And the fact that I could pick them up at all, surely means that my aerial is OK. I live in London where I know the recepion is good for freeview too.
Any advice appreciated.

  jakimo 12:14 21 May 2005

All about freeview!

click here

  Jackcoms 15:40 21 May 2005

"I was pleased to pick up get over 20 extra channels (inclusing some only available on sky) as I hadn't upgraded my aerial."

And therein lies your real problem. If you've only picked up 20 extra channels, it suggests that your aerial is analogue only and not good enough for Freeview.

I have Freeview using an (upgraded) digital aerial.

I get 76 channels.

  kiz 15:53 21 May 2005

To jackcoms
Yes the aerial is definately old and therefore probably needs upgrading (I have telewest cable service for the main TV but wanted freeview on the new bedroom TV!) but I still cant understand why I picked up the channels in the first place and why after exactly one week they stopped. I was warned by the friend that this might happen but cant find any mention of it elsewhere. Also I was picking up the Sky+ channels rather than BBC's offerings which I find strange.
To jakimo
Thanks for the link. I have been looking through it all and cannot find any info to help me but I am still looking.
I will leave this quesstion open for a little longer in case anyone else can help - but thanks anyway

  Magik ®© 16:35 21 May 2005

might sound daft, but once you had scanned for the freeview channels did you save them..

  kiz 12:10 22 May 2005

Yes I did save them Magik. Today, I have done another scan and see that the channels are still there but all broken up, so it may be an aerial upgrade after all. Still cant understand why I am picking up sky channels (eg sky sports 1,2,3, and sky movies 1,2, rahter than BBC3,4 etc ie freeview. All a bit strange?

  Stuartli 13:58 22 May 2005

What you require is what is often described as a "digital" aerial but is, in fact, a wideband version.

It can pick up the intermediate Freeview channels that would/could otherwise be missing on the standard basic terrestial channels aerial.

Teletext services are digital as is Nicam stereo sound and these are picked up on the standard aerial (specifications according to area), so calling such wideband aerials "digital" is a little misleading.

  anchor 15:54 22 May 2005

Strange indeed. Sky sports and Movie channels are quite expensive and not available on Freeview; perhaps as you say, it`s a 'come on' to buy the Sky package.

It may be a matter of upgrading your aerial, or perhaps the digibox in your TV is not intended for Freeview. You need to study the manual, or enquire at your dealers.

  kiz 16:01 22 May 2005

thanks all.
will certainly ask the dealers and lso look into a new aerial. I'll mark it as closed now (I hope!)

  TechWizard 15:06 23 May 2005

Sounds like a classic problem known as Out of Band TX. This is where the transmission frequencies of Digital do not fall into the same set of frequencies as Analogue. The aerial on your roof can fall into 6 distinct categories.
Band A, B, CD, E, K or W. Each corresponds to specific frequencies of UHF TV channels. W receives all frequencies but is weaker than the dedicated bands. Since digital transmissions are 17dB weaker than analogue people also sometimes need a special booster known as a mast head amplifier. When analogue switches off (around 2008 - 2012 depending where in the country you are) they can boost digitals signal up to stop people losing the weaker signal until then consult an aerial installer who has signed up to the CAI. The CAI will make sure you dont get ripped off by cowboys. click here

  kiz 18:48 23 May 2005

To Tech Wizard
Thanks for this advice. I will definately look for advice about upgrading the aerial as I (when I could get the channels) couldnt get BBC3 and 4. However, surely a better aerial doesnt explain how I got Sky Movies and Sky Sports 1,2, and 3 as well as Eurosport? I also got the Disney Channel (whoopee). These are all only available on Sky or Cable, I believe. I DO have the telewest service for my main TV downstairs - (although I dont subscribe to those extra channels) could this have some bearing on the whole thing? The roof aerial comes in by the main TV and connects to a booster/splitter which then sends a signal to my upstairs TV. I am still getting a broken up signal of all the above channels upstairs but why did I get them clearly for about a week?

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