Digital still camera

  joe1234738 11:56 06 Jul 2003

Can anyone advise me witch digital still camera to buy? Is it smart spending £1500 on Canon EOS-19D or is it possible to find cheaper with equal quality?

  joe1234738 11:58 06 Jul 2003

Ops , error , Canon EOS- 10D not 19D

  bfoc 12:37 06 Jul 2003

You tend to get what you pay for.

I looked at going digital a year ago, and decided I could not justify (afford!) the expense of £1500+ for a digital camera and went for a Nikon F80 and a dedicated film scanner. The total price, including 2 lenses,(after trade in on a 20 year old Olympus) was £550. The output is as good, or better than from the digital 'equivalents' of the F80! Of course I don't get the other advantages of a digital camera. I still have to buy film and process it, I can't preview my shots and delete/re-take ones I don't like or change the film speed for each shot! So it is not a like for like comparison.

So, if you need the flexibility of the SLR route and can justify/afford the digital alternatives there is a lot to be said for it. If you also have to have compatibility with existing Canon accessories then the choice is fairly limited.

Of course, if your needs are different then many more options are available. In that case if you give as much detail as possible of your situation I'm sure there will be people here to help.

  Stuartli 12:39 06 Jul 2003

It depends entirely on what you want to use a digital camera for.

If you are a professional then you get the very best available at the time; if you are just an average amateur a 2M or 3MP model with, say, a 3x optical zoom and the means to make adjustments when required, is perfectly adequate for standard or slightly larger prints.

  Coaster3 13:51 06 Jul 2003

I am a retired pro photographer and have parted with my Nikon F4 and now have DX3900 (for personal not pro use). It does everything I want it to and, with the Kodak Docking system is very convenient. It is a 3.1 Mpixel camera and, on best quality setting and printing on an Epson Stylus Photo 895, gives an A4 print that is virtually indistinguishable from film.

  Way 1 14:16 06 Jul 2003

I recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix 5700, on the recomendation of PC Advisor, and the image quality and colours are fantastic. It has an 8x zoom lens as standard, but you can purchase a telephoto or wide angle lens if required.
Jessops seem to be the cheapest at £780, but you could check around.

  Way 1 14:30 06 Jul 2003

Sorry - correction to the cost of camera: £880, not £780.

  joe1234738 16:13 06 Jul 2003

As far as price is concerned I agree £1500 is a lot of money, and also there are many other cheaper cameras than can do same job, but EOS-10D is relay nice piece of hardware .You can attach EOS-10D directly to any Canon colour printer via USB port and print photographs directly without need of PC (all necessary drivers are already preinstalled in the camera) Anyway camera will be primarily used for Air Show and Aerial photography where I need to fire many shoots to capture that one perfect moment .If I use film camera it cost a lot of money , sometimes I have to pay up to £100 per photo shoot ( developing film ) and there are at lease 4 to 5 photo shoot every year , so I think it would make financial sense to go with digital camera , will cost me less in the long run .Anyway in the USA it cost only between £800 and £850 so next time I am in NYC I will take some very old camera with me , buy EOS-10D and drop in the bin old camera on the way back .

  bfoc 19:00 06 Jul 2003

To remember is the 'shutter lag' effect which digital cameras can suffer from, but you will probably have taken that into account already. A very interesting review, by Andy Rouse, of the Canon 10D is click here. You can also find a link to the review of the Fuji S2 pro.

But you may well have seen these already.

  Magik ®© 19:24 06 Jul 2003

I have only ever had Nikon, so i would recommend the D100, trouble with a lot of camera makers,canon included,is they have changed the lens mount, so you build up a brace of lenses, only to find the things will not fit the next range of cameras, not so with Nikon, same mount from day one.... so all lenses fit all Nikon SLR bodies................

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