Digital SLR Cameras - Best place to buy

  ajm 23:46 24 Nov 2003

Someone in Africa wants a high range SLR Digital camera and I was wondering where the best place to buy in the UK

  sil_ver 23:57 24 Nov 2003

but I've had good service from this place click here

  Stuartli 09:27 25 Nov 2003

As well as that link there's click here and, of course, Jessops, click here

  Stuartli 09:31 25 Nov 2003


At the first link you'll find the Minolta Dimage Z1 SLR type digital camera, with 10x optical zoom, for £270; it's the equivalent of a 38-380mm zoom on a 35mm film camera.

  [DELETED] 09:51 25 Nov 2003

Remember, Jessops will price match any UK sourced web price, if the web supplier has it in stock. That way you get to see and handle the camera first.

If you would like some advice as to what models to look at, post again giving some idea of their requirements, and price range.

  [DELETED] 12:54 25 Nov 2003

The Minolta Z1 is not a single lens reflex. The shape is a look alike, that's all. click here

  mikef. 14:35 25 Nov 2003

I use internetcameras myself a lot BUT for a digital SLR I would personally use Jessops as I think they have a much better range plus they would be a lot more helpful for a purchase like this.

  ajm 15:23 25 Nov 2003

Many thanks for all your kind remarks and help. i have contacted jesspos, internetcameras and have asked to quote me their prices. Once again, Thanks a lot!!!

  [DELETED] 16:41 25 Nov 2003

Try pricerunner and it will compare prices across a host of companies. As someone has already mentioned Jessops will match the price and that is how I managed to get mine for considerbaly less than advertised in the shop.

  [DELETED] 08:49 26 Nov 2003

This is the UK web supplier whom Jessops price matched my purchase in the summer; saved nearly £100.

click here

  [DELETED] 09:16 26 Nov 2003

They are very good, used them a few times. Always quick delivery

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