Digital set-top box

  provider 2 15:48 29 Aug 2009

Can anybody recommend one of these that doesn`t cost the earth, has no recording facility, works reasonably well with free digital broadcasts and where from?

I don`t fancy handing over yet another ten quid a month to Sky for the privilege of having a small TV in my kitchen.

  GaT7 16:53 29 Aug 2009

A few to choose from - set top boxes at Argos click here|category_root|Home+entertainment+and+sat+nav|14419512/c_2/2|cat_14419512|Digital+boxes+and+services|14419633/c_3/3|cat_14419633|Freeview+digital+set+top+boxes|14419638.htm / click here. G

  961 16:57 29 Aug 2009

Try Alba STB102 from Argos at about £22.

You can pay anything from £10 to hundreds for these things and quite honestly why not start cheap (but not too cheap) and see if it suits

  Pamy 17:06 29 Aug 2009


  provider 2 17:06 29 Aug 2009

Looks like the kind of thing I`m after.

Me blasted analogue signal has been switched off despite my continuing to pay the the BBC licence fee AND Sky plus.

I can`t watch the news at tea time and I`m feeling miffed about that, and determined to fork out as little as possible to get it back.

  provider 2 17:09 29 Aug 2009

Nearest ASDA thirty miles away, Pamy.

Tesco keeps saying "We`ll have them in next week" but they`ve been saying that for six weeks now.

  Pamy 17:49 29 Aug 2009
  lofty29 19:22 29 Aug 2009

I have had a couple of very cheap boxes for several years and as long as I do not leave them on stand-by overnight they have been perfect.

  Stuartli 20:57 29 Aug 2009

>>Me blasted analogue signal has been switched off despite my continuing to pay the the BBC licence fee AND Sky plus.>>

The great Digital Switchover has been widely known and publicised for several years - surely you were aware of the fact your area was in line?

  WolframBlitzen 21:04 29 Aug 2009

My brother has one made by Onn (That the right spelling?) cost him about £20, I think and he's got no complaints with it.

  dms_05 09:10 30 Aug 2009

You could try a video sender and watch the same picture on the kitchen TV as you do on your main TV. Or if you have coax cable feeding your kitchen TV just connect that to the RF Out on the back of your Sky+ box and retune the TV to find the signal.

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