Digital link Leicester.

  bapiow 08:01 12 Nov 2010

Has anyone had dealings with digital link Leicester.

Thinking of ordering a TV from them, they come with a 5 year warranty.


  birdface 08:36 12 Nov 2010

Looks like they have 2 shops in leicester.
They charge £30 for delivery so not sure if you would be collecting from them.
click here

No security pass from WOT but that probably meens that they are probably newish on the Internet.
They have 2 shops to choose from.

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John Lewis used to give you a 5 year warranty with there TV's as well not sure if they still do.

  birdface 08:39 12 Nov 2010

Slightly different but same person I believe.
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Like yourself cannot find any customer reviews for them so far.

  birdface 09:00 12 Nov 2010

About reviews.
Different subject but works the same.
I was looking for a new bathroom Suite a couple of months ago and found a local company that i had vever heard of before and in fact did not know they even existed even though I passed their little unit about once a week.
Looked for reviews and found none but decided to go and have a look around.
Ended up buying my Bathroom Suite from them and it was a pleasure doing business with them as they were so helpful.
So maybe the lack of reviews may just meen that they have no unhappy customers.

  bapiow 10:10 12 Nov 2010

Thanks buteman.
Yes that is my post on AV, always post on both.
Will give them a go.

  birdface 10:34 12 Nov 2010

Remember wichever television that you choose just try the Internet first just in case you can get it cheaper elsewhere.
I picked up a 42" LG one last week from argos Discount warehouse for £349 for the spare room so just a matter of shopping around.
I have an old Sony one that I was going to throw out but my son said he wanted it for his bedroom.
It cost me about £1295 pound over 10 yers ago including the video and DVD player but it is the weight of it.
I would say nearly impossible for one man to lift it and a struggle with even two lifting it.
They were made to last in those days.
Good luck hope everything works out Ok for you.

  spuds 12:40 12 Nov 2010

Digital Link have two shops in Leicester. One is located in what was once known as the posher area (Allandale Road), and the other is near the Golden Mile (Belgrave/Melton Road).

Looking at their delivery charges, I would suggest that a look at John Lewis in the old Shires new Highcross might be a better bet. Television warranties are usually 5 years there, and they will price match, plus might provide interest free credit on store card application. Argos ( Haymarket) likewise on cheap prompt delivery and interest free credit.

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