Digital Camera - Sony, Minolta or ???

  Rigga 22:04 15 Dec 2004

I have the Sony CyberShot DSC-T1 which is "Last year's Model" and I love it.

It's so easy to use and incredibly quick to startup when you want to take a photo.

It's also got more than enough configuration options to keep an enthusiastic amateur happy. I took one shot a dark cave of a pool, that has low lighting, using the fireworks mode. It worked very well, much better than I expected, although not quite as steady as I would have liked. (See below Re: tripod screw)

Two things go against this camera.

1. It has no tripod screw thingy on the bottom. Not a major problem in itself, but if you want to take long exposure shots then it could be a problem.

2. The flash is a little weak, but then again it's fine as long as the subject is fairly close in the dark. And for what I'd consider a compact camera it's adequate.

As for memory, the MS Pro Duo sticks do command a premium, but Sandisk make Pro Duo, and I think someone else does too, which means you can get cheaper than Sony Offical memory.

The video recording from the camera is nothing short of exceptional. [email protected] It's easily good enough to show as a home video.

Here's a useful camera review site with more info on the T3. > click here <

All in all I would recommend the T1, which as I said above is the precursor to the T3.


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