Digital Camera - Sony, Minolta or ???

  Alvis 20:20 15 Dec 2004

Been using a Minolta Dimage Xi for a couple of years and want another similar camera. The newer Dimage Xg has lost and gained features compared to the Xi. I found the focussing on the Dimage X50 annoying (hunting too much), though the features were ok.

Any thoughts/experience on the Sony Cybershot T3? I want a compact of this general type - shirt pocket size, with movie mode, USB2 and AV out and macro. A useful Minolta feature was audio recording but I don't think the T3 has this feature.

Any problems with the Sony T3 and generally with memory sticks? They seem much dearer than SD or CF cards. Is there a generic supplier?

  Rigga 22:04 15 Dec 2004

I have the Sony CyberShot DSC-T1 which is "Last year's Model" and I love it.

It's so easy to use and incredibly quick to startup when you want to take a photo.

It's also got more than enough configuration options to keep an enthusiastic amateur happy. I took one shot a dark cave of a pool, that has low lighting, using the fireworks mode. It worked very well, much better than I expected, although not quite as steady as I would have liked. (See below Re: tripod screw)

Two things go against this camera.

1. It has no tripod screw thingy on the bottom. Not a major problem in itself, but if you want to take long exposure shots then it could be a problem.

2. The flash is a little weak, but then again it's fine as long as the subject is fairly close in the dark. And for what I'd consider a compact camera it's adequate.

As for memory, the MS Pro Duo sticks do command a premium, but Sandisk make Pro Duo, and I think someone else does too, which means you can get cheaper than Sony Offical memory.

The video recording from the camera is nothing short of exceptional. [email protected] It's easily good enough to show as a home video.

Here's a useful camera review site with more info on the T3. > click here <

All in all I would recommend the T1, which as I said above is the precursor to the T3.


  Alvis 09:30 16 Dec 2004


Thanks for your very helpful reply. Any other Cybershot users out there?

  Stuartli 16:40 16 Dec 2004

It's worth noting that Cybershot, Ixus etc is used for a sequence of models and not just one or two particular examples.

The same applies to other brands.

It's also worth noting that despite the top brand names, many digital cameras are actually produced in Taiwan to major brand names' specifications.

What is good news is that compared to even six months ago three, four and five MP models from all top brands such as Fuji, Olympus, Canon, Casio, Sony, Konica/Minolta etc have dropped in price to almost giveaway levels.

£100 or less will get you a 3 or 3.2MP top brand model with 3x optical zoom; another £50 or less a 4MP and even five MP examples are well under £200...:-)

I paid £199.99 for a 2MP Minolta Dimage E203 with 3x zoom just over two years ago - its equivalent, the E233, was half that price 12 months later.

  georgemac 18:25 16 Dec 2004

I have a sony dsc-v1 and I must admit I have not even touched on all it's features yet - it has a fixing for a tripod crew and I must admit this would be required for long exposure shots - it is rapidly dropping in price - argos had it for £250 so it is probably less elswhere - maybe slightly bulkier than what you want

at work I have just got use of a canon digital ixus - the 5 mp one - it looks like a fantastic camera and is very small - perfect for going in your pocket. I tried the long exposure for night shots on this as well - they were a little blurred - I have not checked to see if there is a tripod fitting but I was standing in a howling gale!

  Cybermaxx 18:49 16 Dec 2004

Not sure if this is relevant, but Argos are flogging an HP 407 4MP camera with an HP 7450 Photosmart printer for the combined price of £99.98 (almost half price).

I bought a Fuji Finepix A330 3.2MP camera last week for £99.99, another £35 for a 128MB xD Picture Card, and I'm now thinking about getting some rechargable batteries.

  Stuartli 11:51 17 Dec 2004

You have highlighted the point I made earlier that digital camera prices are dropping like a stone at present and represent terrific value in the majority of cases.

But it's still worth doing a few checks such as reading reviews on any models in which you may be interested, as some are better/superior than others.

  Mysticnas 12:20 17 Dec 2004

as far as i know only make cameras.

They are quality cameras. If given the choice and a like for like spec i'd go for a minolta.

  anchor 16:39 17 Dec 2004

If you could give me an idea of your budget, then I may be able to suggest some suitable cameras for you. Also, the sort of things you want to do with the camera.

As a keen digital camera buff, I like to keep up to date.

  Stuartli 16:59 17 Dec 2004

Well you've obviously not come across Minolta's black and white and colour laser printers, inkjet media, binoculars, film, film scanners, 3D laser scanners, photographic meters etc...:-)

Minolta was established around 1921 and earlier this year merged with Konica, which was also founded around the same time.

  erkmatrix 16:59 17 Dec 2004

I have bought for Christmas a Olympus C5050 off a seller on ebay, £235 , can't wait to test it out, he was a quality seller with good feedback so thought why not, if no one else has complained should be ok, I did do a lot of research for the right camera for me, had it down to a Canon G5, Sony DSC V3, Sony F717 and the Olympus C5050, I hope I won't be dissapointed , going to get a Canon Smartbase MP370 for the printing.


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