digital camera pcmcia compatability?

  davey0001 23:55 14 Jul 2003

Hi. Can someone please help me out!? I'm new to all this technology but have a compaq 4210T Laptop with windows 98. I would really like a digital camera to use with it but am finding things a little difficult!
I have no USB port and only a pcmcia. Is there a good digital camera out there (that can take very detailed close up pictures; hallmarks etc) that will work work with this PC?
I think i need a pcmcia adaptor and the right digi-cam for the job??
Even better if i can pick one up for less than 250 pounds!
Even if someone can tell me im waisting my time and need to get another laptop id be gratefull for the advise as im getting knowwhere with camera shops!
Thanks alot.

  siouxah1 13:49 15 Jul 2003

If you wish to transfer digital camera pictures to your laptop you do not need to connect your camera to it.

You can use your pcmcia slot with an adaptor that will use the flash card of your choice when removed from your camera. Compact flash seems to be the least expensive.

See here click here and look for item LN 2575.

Just make sure your camera of choice uses the correct type of card for your adaptor.

Can't comment on a suitable camera, but you might try a local 'Jessops' shop for good advice.

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 13:56 15 Jul 2003

Sorry the above link does not seem to go to the page.

After reaching the above link

1. select 'PRODUCTS' at top of page

2. select 'Flash + smart'

3. go to SM/CF/MMC Readers/Writers

4. Item LN2575

  anchor 14:22 15 Jul 2003

The link above is for compact flash cards.

A cheaper alternative can be got from Sevendayshop; also one for Smartmedia cards.

PCMCIA Memory Card Drive

For notebook computers to read Compact Flash Memory Cards. Not Suitable for Windows NT or Win98/se. £4.99

Smartmedia Adaptor
For notebook computers to read Smartmedia Memory Cards. Not Suitable for Windows NT or Win98/se £14.99

  Big Elf 14:47 15 Jul 2003

You can get a PCMCIA USB2 2 port card from click here for £30. Product is on this link click here

It claims it's compatible with Win98.

  bfoc 10:08 17 Jul 2003

Is all very good and would solve your problem of no USB ports.

If you want a small and easy to use camera that is really excellent at close-up work you could try the Richoh Caplio RR30. Pc Advisor review click here. I ordered one for a friend and was very impressed. You will need to 'budget' for a memory card and for rechargeable batteries, but by shopping around should come in at around the £250 mark.

  davey0001 16:45 17 Jul 2003

Thanks everybody! I've got it clear in my own mind now what i need! Thanks for all your help! :) D

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