Digital Camera - Minolta Z5 or Olympus MJU 800 ?

  Newuser3443 13:04 02 Sep 2005

I'm looking to replace my 3.2mp camera. The two cameras I haven't been able to choose between at the moment are:

Minolta Z5 - fantastic zoom (x48 combined optical/digital zoom)
Olympus MJU800 - fantastic resolution (8mp) for a sub £300 camera.

The camera will be used for a mixture of landscape shots and family portraits.

I really can't decide which one I ought to be plumping for. Any views from anyone who owns one of these cameras please? (I'm also intested in what picture quality is like indoors in poorly lit/artificially light conditions where my current Fuji camera is very poor).

Thanks in advance for your input.

Rob ;0)

  byfordr 13:24 02 Sep 2005

I've just got the MJU 800...not the smallest of cameras but still pocket sized.

The zoom isn't great but comparable with other cameras of this size. The digital zoom as with other cameras isn't worth toffee.

The build quality is good...although weather proof case. Massive screen, not too heavy. The video function is good, and picks up the sound very well with very little background noise.

The food being XD cards are a little bit more expensive than most £55 for a 1gb click here go for the olympus and you get the panaramic function.

Not used the Minolta but other ones I've seen seem fine. The sites below may have some reviews.



click here

click here

click here
click here

£270 inc delivery

click here;-800-digital-camera-silver.html?sort=price&ref=80&id=0&qs=olympus+800 silver
click here;-800-digital-camera-blue.html?sort=price&ref=80&id=0&qs=olympus+800 blue

  Newuser3443 13:59 02 Sep 2005

Thanks for your feedback byfordr.

How do you find picture quality (am I going to notice a huge difference when using an on-line photo printing service, printing at 8" x 10" compared to my existing 3.2mp camera (which also uses XD memory BTW)?

Not so interested in video as I've already got a DV camera.

  pj123 14:07 02 Sep 2005

I have the Minolta Z1 which was the first of the Z series. Only 3.3megapixels but 10x optical zoom. The results I have had printing my own up to A4 are brilliant. I have a friend who has printed up to A3 from this camera and has won 3 "First Awards" in a photographic club competition. With the Z5 at 5.2megapixels and 12x optical zoom the results should be out of this world.

click here

  pj123 14:15 02 Sep 2005

Just checked the Olympus MJU800 but it only has a 3x optical zoom. Forget digital zoom, it's a waste of time. The Minolta Z series look and act just like a Single Reflex Camera (without interchangable lenses)

  byfordr 17:11 02 Sep 2005

I've not had a chance to print out anything large scale yet. I only got it a couple of weeks ago.

The quality of the images is very good...I took some pictures of stonehenge from a moving vehicle and even they were clear. You could try it out in somewhere like to whether it will be better than your existing camera its hard to say. I had a 5mp olympus which I was very impressed with until I saw this...sadly the cost to repair it was more than it was worth.

The pictures look excellent on a 19" monitor...

I took some pictures into the sun of big ben and the wheel. I was very impressed with the clarity of the resulting images...I'll chuck them on the web if I get a chance...

The optical zoom is pretty much the same as other cameras of the same size, if you want better you need to go for the bulky slr looking cameras.

I also had a look at the canon ixus700. I thought the startup to picture time was fast on this until I saw the mju 800! Althought the ixus 700 is slightly more compact.

A big plus was being able to use the xd cards I already have along with my olympus chargers and batteries, and case.



  Newuser3443 19:12 02 Sep 2005

Thanks for the continued feedback all. It does help. Just going to check through all the review siters posted earlier :0)

  jakimo 00:27 03 Sep 2005

For a highly regarded reviews

click here

  steves100 15:21 04 Sep 2005

Why not try going down to your local jessops camera shop have a look at both. If you ask them nicely you can take a few shots with each and even get a print done there and then. Mind you will have to pay for the prints did this before I got mine. Ring them first so you know they have the cameras in stock.

  accord 21:46 04 Sep 2005

Digital Camera Shopper gave it 4 stars with an alternative being the Pentax 750Z, same price of approx £270

I have just orderd the Panasonic FZ5 about the same price as the Minolta but been given rave reviews in the camera mags.

  Newuser1970 19:37 07 Sep 2005

I have had the Z5 for 6 months and I am delighted with it. The 12x optical zoom works a treat with the stabiliser and the photo quality is great. I got it just before going to NY in April and have been boring everyone with the 450 shots I took! In fact I only used it on the 4mp setting and it produces superb A4 size shots. I love it! Hope this is of some help

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