digital camera fro silver surfer!

  Maggieann 07:00 09 Mar 2003

I have only had a PC for a little while, so am no expert on technology and stuff, but now I'd like a digital camera.
I live in Spain so there's a slight language problem. I don't understand about docking stations and stuff like that, I just want a camera I can see the pictures on when I'm deciding to take them, and then download onto my PC.
Does anyone know of an idiot proof camera that does this please?
Many thanks

  lovelylel 09:55 09 Mar 2003

Maggieann, I have a Kodak DC280 digital camera which I've had for about 3 years. Not sure if it's still made but expect they will have one similar. It has never let me down, is simplicity itself to use and you just plug it in to your USB port (lead supplied) and the computer finds the camera and downloads the pictures with a minimum of effort on your part. The quality is really excellent as I print out the photos on my Epson photo printer and altogether am very pleased indeed with it. Hope this helps.

  silver_surfer 10:28 09 Mar 2003


I have a Sony dsc-p9. Excellent pic quality and superior build as you would expect from Sony. Ask yourself what the most important feature(s) are to you. Price is normally goverend by the number of pixels the camera offers. I thorooughly recommend the Sony range, most definately idiot proof!

  VoG™ 10:58 09 Mar 2003

I have a Kodak CX4230 - click here - point and click. Believe me, if I can use this then anybody can.

Just be sure to follow the installation instructions - load the CD before pluging in the cable.

  davidg_richmond 12:31 09 Mar 2003

lovelylel - i have the 280 too - great camera! not made anymore though, but will probably be available through eBay. ive updated to Canon Ixus v3, great but not for first-timer.

Kodak is still the easiest to use of the brands, while Fuji has goten rid of their cumbersome user interfaces and are, in my opinion, the next easiest to use but a little bit more expensive.

the 'docking stations' you can get for mainly the kodaks, lets you have a permanent connection on your desk that once you settle the camera down on it, starts recharging the camera and connects to your PC. press the 'Share' button and it sends your pictures to the computer. easy as that.

  anchor 13:15 09 Mar 2003

Most digital cameras have an "idiot-proof" automatic mode. It would be useful if you could give us an idea of your budget, so we can better advise you.

Generally speaking, the more pixels, the better the resolution.

  Maggieann 16:54 09 Mar 2003

Hi everyone, thanks for your replies.
Anchor you're right, I should have said what my budget is, but I live in Spain and prices are generally a bit lower here. I'd want to spend £200 tops.
I only want the camera to take pictures of cakes I have decorated, and our new home, so I don't think I'd need loads of pixels, whatever they are.
I'm still not sure about the docking thing, would I have to have one?

  anchor 18:06 09 Mar 2003

Muy buenas tardes.

I suggest you go to this thread, and read the posting from "spyman" about the Kodak DX4330

click here

I see that PC World is selling this here for £200, and it seems to be an excellent camera.

Read the review here:

click here

If you live near Alicante, I see that a PC World is now there, called (if I recall correctly), PC City.

Post again if we help further.

  DieSse 19:13 09 Mar 2003

And next door to PC-City is Media-Markt - also a good choice of cameras. But you can buy one direct from the UK over the web, if you want to be sure to get English manuals - or check in the shop about the languages - many have multi-language manuals anyway.

You would only need a basic model, with 1.3 or 2 million pixels - well inside your budget Iwould think. Many of my Estate Agent clients use Fuji cameras - reliable and simple (!)

  3tg 20:45 09 Mar 2003

WE started with a Sony, excellent camera and so easy to use. I recently bought a Casio Exilim, pocket size camera and have had terrific results for such a small camera, I paid just under £200 in Singapore but I have since seen it in Jessops ( they have a website) for £179. Good luck

  flick 23:27 09 Mar 2003

I too have a sony which I bought in Japan about 4 yrs ago - manual in Japanese - but a brief demo from the salesman and the rest was pretty intuitive.

The number of pixels will define the quality of your photos and the extent to which you can enlarge them via computer software without losing definition. 1.5 to 2 mega pixels is fine for all but the most demanding of photographers. My brother has a kodak - he puts the camera in the docking station when not in use so it's always charged up and downloading to computer is very swift very usb connection.

I would say that all digital cameras are idiot proof in that they have automatic focusing and exposure and either auto flash or a warning that flash is needed.
If you have a local shop I'd suggest you go in and ask them to demo their various models so you have an idea what to expect then search the internet for reviews and pricing.

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