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  stu1901 20:34 05 Jan 2004

Hi, i want a digital camera. I would like at least 3x optical zoom and 3mp. These 2 cameras seem to be the best ones.
What do you suggest?
I can get the KODAK DX6340 for £160 or the
OLYMPUS C350 for £140.
They seem to be the same, but the Kodak one has a 4x optical zoom compared to 3x on the Olympus

What is the difference between XD cards and SD? Is one better than the other?

Thanks alot.

  Pamy 21:11 05 Jan 2004

I would spend a little more(£199) and look at a fuju finepix at ASDA. this is a 3mp but records at 6mp. I have a 401 model that is 2mp and records at 4mp and is excellent.

  Stuartli 09:16 06 Jan 2004


click here

for details of xD cards.

A Secure Digital card (the encrypted version of MMC cards and normally compatible with them) is about the size of a postage stamp and equally advanced.

I know you mention a 3MP requirement, but eBuyer is offering the 2MP Minolta Dimage E223 with 3x zoom, video with audio etc at £117.50 nett:

click here

I've got the earlier E203 version, which takes cracking pix, but lacks audio with the video mode.

  wags 10:55 06 Jan 2004

stu1901, the Olympus c350 is great little camera and that is a very good price. Alot of places are selling at £199-250. I bought one a few months ago for my wife. It is very much a point and shoot but has a good lens and the results are fine.

XD picture cards are the latest form of memory card favoured by Fuji and Olympus and are very small. The price is also falling .There will be no noticeable difference in write or read speed between SD and XD.

  palinka 16:28 08 Jan 2004

Before you buy any digi camera, go into a shop and handle it (even if you plan to buy on-line). Some are very awkward/uncomfortable/have miniscule buttons/etc. it's important to be happy with the feel of the thing as well as the price.

  Stuartli 16:37 08 Jan 2004

With all due respects, if you ran a digital camera shop and people kept coming in, handing the cameras, trying them out and then going elsewhere to buy them, what would be your reaction? I know what mine would be.....

One of the few places I would recommend to do this would be Jessops as it is a specialist, allows you to try out models in which you are interested and then is able to at least match, if not beat, prices you may have looked up earlier.

Fuji's additional pixel count is due to new types of CCDs it has developed.

  anchor 10:09 09 Jan 2004

If you can manage the extra money, then consider the Kodak DX6440. It is 4.1Mpixel, has a superb 4x optical zoom Schneider lens, and the reviews are excellent!:

click here

As Stuartli said, Jessops will price match any UK web supplier, who have it in stock. £199.90 here, and this is supplier I quoted when buying my camera from Jessops, and saved a lot of money.

click here

  Pamy 15:08 09 Jan 2004

I do not know why you have had a go at me, but if you was a shop keeper that did not let me handle the goods then you would never see me again.
Its all about selling, winning over the customer and supplying the goods and service at the best price.

Please look back at my reply to this question.


  Stuartli 17:56 09 Jan 2004

Don't know why I included your nickname in the posting - if you read Palinka's comment again it states "...even if you plan to buy online."

That is an abuse of a shop owner's stock, facilities etc if you have no intention of buying anything there.

As I said, what would you (in this case Palinka) feel if he/she was that shop owner whose co-operation was being abused?

Running retail outlets is difficult enough at the best of times, but to discover that your potential "customers" have absolutely no intention of buying, only using your services at your expense, would be galling to put it mildly.

I agree that if you are a genuine customer then you are perfectly entitled to examine and handle goods - it's the point before buying a digital camera most of us who are keen photographers have emphasised.

  Pamy 20:47 09 Jan 2004

Yes I agrea with you, but this is one of the problems a shopkeeper/supplier has to overcome. Its a tough world and selling /closing a sale is a well documented and highly practiced skill.

Salesmen/women take no prisoners, so we the customer must also be as practiced and skilled in purchasing to our best advantage.

We never win, but we feel better with our purchase if we save a few bob from the original asking price.

If the shop cannot compete in the modern world he should consider changing selling stratagy.


  Stuartli 09:45 10 Jan 2004

Yes, but you've seen what happens when the demand for everything at the lowest possible price goes too far - look at Multivision, Dan etc in the computer world for instance.

My mate runs an independent audio/visual/domestics retail outlet; compared to the 1990s he now has to sell at least two of everything he did then just to basically stand still profit wise.

As you will appreciate, people who buy TVs, audio equipment, domestic appliances etc only buy such items every few years.

Although he is a member of a giant buying group so he can compete price wise with the big high street outlets, it means that some customer benefits such as free delivery and installation have had to be scrapped below a certain purchase price.

In addition, the workshop is now only for his own customers' benefit and he certainly won't touch those who've had problems with the big high street stores and can't get faulty products repaired.

It's the same story for retailers selling digital cameras and similar items - people don't buy them every day of the week, so maintaining a reasonable profit margin is essential to remain in business.

Why do you think that the Americans, who you think would be grateful for organisations such as Wal-Mart, actually hate them because they destroy local shopping amenities by forcing shops and stores out of business?

You may well be able to get a cheap computer system, for instance, at the big supermarkets such as Tesco, but someone who is new to the game will quickly find that there is no after sales backup or advice support other than expensive support lines.

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