digital camera

  joe95 16:28 05 Oct 2003

Hi, can a good digital camera with screen be bought for £200 ?
thanks in anticipation

  anchor 17:03 05 Oct 2003

Indeed it can joe95.

You might like to look at the Olympus Media C-350 zoom.

The magazine reviews on this are excellent: -quote" The image quality is excellent and colours are reproduced accurately and vividly even when using the flash. Skin tones are captured particularly well. Exposure is generally spot on, as is the automatic white balance."

details here: click here

Now the good part, your local Jessops store will match a UK web price, (if its in stock), and its priced at £159.98 here. Go in to Jessops and have a look at it.

click here

  Stuartli 15:27 06 Oct 2003

There are other examples from Nikon, Minolta etc as well around this price point or less.

Best thing to do, if you have a local Jessops or similar outlet, is to go and try all the cameras you are considering for feel, control layout, ease of use and pix quality - and then decide.

You can't choose a camera purely on recommendation, a picture of a camera model or a review, helpful though they are. It's the sum of all the parts that counts.

But do stick to the big brand names in cameras and optics as they have a reputation to maintain as film gradually gives way almost exclusively to digital photography.

Many of the lesser known - and cheaper - digital cameras might seem attractive pricewise, but most are rebadged Far Eastern products offered by companies without a traditional history of manufacturing photographic products.

  wags 17:53 06 Oct 2003

I agree with the above advice from anchor and stuartli. Anchor's tip re the Olmpus c350 is a good one. Infact, I have just bought the same model from Jessops for my wife,for £152 after showing them a print out from an online competitor, which they matched. Jessops' advertised price at the time of purchase was £199.99. :)

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