Digicam recommendations? Sony DSC-P8?

  TimCDC 21:05 24 Sep 2003

I'm interested in buying a beginner's digital camera - and have about £200 to £300 to spend. I had thought about buying a Sony Cybershot DSC-P8 and then noticed in this months PCAdvisor that it rates 5 others higher. Anyone out there got the cybershot and any views about it? Or an alternative? The Kodak EasyShare DX6440 comes out at number one - anyone got one? Thanks for these and any other views....

  JonnoTractorBoy 21:15 24 Sep 2003

I have a Canon ixus v3 that it superb. It is compact and light and the battery lasts forever (not literally!). Pictures are great and movies/sound are good quality. I've not used any other digi camera - but surely they can't all be this good.

  Arni 21:21 24 Sep 2003

I have a Pentax Optio 430. the 330 used to be a top 5 for PC Advisor. I really like it particulary because it is so small! Battery life could be better, but have no comparison. Picture quality is excellent. Pentax seems to have fallen out of favour recently though for some reason.

I want to now get a digital video camera. Any recommendations?? PC Advisor have not updated theirs since July 2002!!! surely there have been new and better models since then!??

  TimCDC 21:22 24 Sep 2003

I see the ixus 400 comes in the top 10. Have you noticed any features since buying yours, that you are either really pleased you have, or really wish that you did? And I read that some cameras have an irritatingly long pause between button press and actually taking the pic...?

  TimCDC 21:27 24 Sep 2003

and I see that the 33L is in at 3rd in the beginner charts (I'm beginning to sound like Alan Freeman, pop pickers!)

  keenan 21:41 24 Sep 2003

I,m using the Samsung DigimaxV4 as reviewed by PCA,excellent camera with lots of choice on battery options as it only requires 2 x AA batteries.I use Nimh 2100 rechargeables - worth bearing in mind as lithium camera batteries can cost £10 a pack.
click here and for reviews click here and particularly click here

  TimCDC 21:53 24 Sep 2003

for the tip about batteries - and the sites look good for reviews and finding competitive prices

  Stuartli 14:55 25 Sep 2003

Re the NiMH batteries - CPC of Preston, part of the Farnall Group, click here a firm I have used for around 30 years, sells a quick charger AA/AAA/PP3 battery charger for £11.75 including VAT.

It charges NiCad batteries in an hour or less and NiMH in around two hours depending on MH capacity - once charged the batteries go into a trickle state.

Apart from the fact it's well made and about half the usual price or less than similar models, it comes with both mains and car DC transformers.

  crocodile36 16:45 25 Sep 2003

Both the Minolta Dimage Xt and the Nikon Coolpix 3100 are small, light modern cameras with good specs. Go to Jessops or somewhere similar and handle them. Don't just buy on recommendation, even from PCA.

  Stuartli 17:29 25 Sep 2003

Your observations are correct, but I find with my "small, light, modern" Minolta Dimage E203 that it feels just too small and light at times after being used to a Nikon F401 with a Tamron 28-200mm zoom; even my other camera, an Ashai Pentax Spotmatic, whilst light and compact, feels so much easier to use and operate.....:-)

The problem is that the "real" digital cameras - those built on more traditional lines such as an SLR - cost an awful lot of money initially; I accept, however, that running costs don't include the cost of films.

Even so, even the very best digital camera technology still has some way to go to catch up with 35mm detail and resolution, although it's getting mighty close if you can afford such cameras.

  TimCDC 18:35 25 Sep 2003

I guess I do need to go down and handle them - but I feel kind of cheeky using their time, knowing that I will go and buy it later from an internet site - seems foolish not to buy at the £50 or more reduced price!

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