Digiatal Camera which one is the best pls

  ky72 16:17 19 Jan 2010

Hi can anyone tell me which one is the best camera.? i need one for everyday use BUT must have a good video which these both have, ive looked at te reviews on the W290 & there luke warm but on the W270 they are much better? i thought the model number 290 would be better then the 270.? can anyone help me pls.?

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  Woolwell 18:16 19 Jan 2010

I wouldn't personally buy something like this off E-Bay. Have you considered a Panasonic soenthing like this click here
Suggest you read various reviews such as click here or from a site like this click here

  HondaMan 00:37 20 Jan 2010

it's almost impossible to advise.

I have a Sony T30 (7mp) and it produces superb shots. I also have a Canon G10, absolutely marvellous (14.7mp). The Canon was £350 and the Sony £250.

I also have a Nikon D3 (12.2 mp) and £2900.

It is sometime difficult for me to tell the difference from 2.5 mtrs away and almost impossible on a screen.

Look at the reviews; set your budget but be prepared to be surprised!

  ^wave^ 08:08 20 Jan 2010

yes look at reviews a couple i look at are dpreview stevesdiicams and what digital camera. hope this helps

  GaT7 13:48 20 Jan 2010

"i thought the model number 290 would be better then the 270.?"

Well, that happens with certain items sometimes, cameras included. A company brings out an extra good model, but their later model(s) - even though better specced - does not keep up to the high standards of the former. Iirc the same thing happened with Fujifilm's F31fd & later models.

So, if the W270 got better reviews I would go for it. But as Woolwell says, I wouldn't buy something like this off eBay. If it was a budget £50 camera, then may be yes. G

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