digi camera tripod

  Dr Grumps 15:14 09 Jan 2003
  Dr Grumps 15:14 09 Jan 2003

hello, im looking for a small tripod for my digi cam Hp 612 photosmart.
Any suggestions of pods to look at and where to buy them!!

preferably 15-20 quid!



  Stuartli 16:33 09 Jan 2003

Nip into any digital/still camera shop and you will be able to try out a number.

Can't beat hands on experience with such items in conjunction with your own camera.

  Dr Grumps 16:42 09 Jan 2003

thanks, i have been into jessops and photosnap and taken a look so i have some ideas, i was hoping for a site where i can get them cheaper tho ! as im sure jessops isn't the cheapest place on earth !!



  BrianW 17:20 09 Jan 2003

Staples did carry some low priced / reasonable kit a while back (mine was £19.50 for a three extension tripod reaching 54 inches max height). Don't know if the've still got them. Might be worth looking in Aldi as well the way the have been putting out the offers recently?

  Bapou 17:46 09 Jan 2003

I've seen them in Curry's for about £8.00

  Diemmess 18:03 09 Jan 2003

Nothing changes!

A tripod is two things - essential to the really serious landscape/record photographer, and an absolute pain to carry about...

Don't cheesepare on the tripod. If you really need it, then no compromise of price or fancy looks against rock solid steadiness. Any shake at all and there is no point in using it

You can only be sure if you go somewhere like Jessops and try it for yourself.

  Dr Grumps 22:35 09 Jan 2003

thanks all, everything being taken into account however price is still a factor Diemmess, as i have very little of it (a student !) but i agree i will try them out before buying !

Bapou - now that sounds like my sort of price !


  Stuartli 09:06 10 Jan 2003

You are going to look a bit silly with a massive tripod for a small digital camera...:-)

There are small tripods available (internetcamerasdirect provides one with most of its digital camera sales and may sell them separately) and you can also buy the type that can be clamped to a chair or table.

As for Jessops, its prices are normally on a par or better than most of the competition.

  €dstow 09:10 10 Jan 2003

Try out in Jessops shops then go on their (and others) website to do the buying - web prices are often much cheaper.

As has been said, a tripod needs to be robust if it's of any use at all. Don't buy on it's looks - it's a totally functional item - not a fashion accessory, the stronger the better.

We use mainly Culmann tripods - not cheap but very robust and the take a lot of punishment. There are plenty of other brands.

IMO £8 would buy something as much use as three matchsticks glued together.


  Magik™ 10:38 10 Jan 2003

a cheap tripod will be next to usless, if you must have one get a good one, along the lines of manfrotto, gitzo, to name but 2.

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