different brand photo paper

  flu 14:12 03 Sep 2004

Have read that it's better to use the same brand of photo paper as your printer but how true is this or rather does it really make a big difference ? Using Epson printer but Kodak photo paper is going for half price at Superdrug. So, should I get Kodak photo paper or Epson photo paper ? Also any recommendations on which type, there's so many and I'm confused. Want the paper to be thick enough and not thin ones that don't feel like photos. thanks in advance.

  €dstowe 14:25 03 Sep 2004

It is best to stay with the brand you are used to, whether that is the same brand as your printer or not.

Photopapers vary a lot brand to brand (although remember that some are sold under different trades names) and there are decided differences in the base colour, ink absorption, ink distribution, suface finish - all sorts of things that influence the appearance of your finished masterpiece. If you are concerned about quality, you will have adjusted your printer to give the best performance for one particular paper so, changing that to another is likely to lead to disappointment.

  pj123 16:11 03 Sep 2004

I get all my "Instant Dry" photo paper from Choice Stationery at click here

never had any problems with it so far. I have also used a "free" packet of HP Photo paper with no problems, except it was not "instant dry" and have just used up a pack of Epson Photo Paper (again not instant dry) but no problems with these either. You just need to do a test print and then set the printer up for the paper you are using. I will stick to Choice paper because it is instant dry and my printer(s) are set up to use it.

  It's Me 17:18 03 Sep 2004

For what it's worth, I use Ilford paper from, (I think) 7 DayShop. 280 gm paper that I find is OK in my HP printer, and at £18 for 100 sheets A4 not a bad price either.

  oresome 18:58 03 Sep 2004

I find paper has a much greater influence on the finished result than using original or compatable inks. Kodak paper gives disapointing results with my Epson Photo 700. Epson paper is the benchmark, but I have had almost as good with a variety of other papers.........the trouble is, you can't guarantee it's the same product in say 12 months time when you come to buy again. i.e. it's branded say Jessops, but may well be from a different manufacturer by now.

  Totally-braindead 19:00 03 Sep 2004

I too buy the paper from Choice found it to be excellent, bought some Kodak paper from my local Tesco last year and it was awful, pictures were terrible and it was twice the price of the Choice paper.

  jakimo 22:01 03 Sep 2004

Kodak recently changed the formula on their glossy papers,which are ok on Epsons..But the old formula which many outlets are selling at reduced prices were naff on Epson's (photos dried out with colour cast)

  flu 14:18 04 Sep 2004

I'll stay away from the reduced Kodak papers then. Will check out Choice since so many of you are using it with good results. Thank you.

  kench 22:36 05 Sep 2004

Anyone tried pc worlds ,pc line photo paper realy cheap

  flu 22:04 21 Sep 2004

Hi again. I've just placed an order for Choice stationery Instant Dry Gloss 180gsm (20). Can I know what you mean by 'setting the printer up for the paper' or 'adjusted printer for a particular brand of paper' ?
My printer's an Epson C46. Thanks in advance.

  anchor 09:44 24 Sep 2004

I found Jessops glossy paper worked fine with my Epson 750 and 895. Ilford and "Print & Go" also good.

Kodak and HP were useless.

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