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Difference between two cards

  Bailey08787 14:54 12 Aug 2009


I plan to purchase one of the following two cards:

click here-(x16)-900MHz-GDDR5-GPU-750MHz-DL-DVI-I-HDMI-D-Sub-HDCP

click here

The first one is the standard edition, the second the toxic edition.

Both feature Vapor-X technology, which is the main reason I intend to buy one of these, as quiet operation is a priority for me.

My query is, does the toxic have any real advantages over the standard card? And will the toxic be louder than the standard card?


  Bailey08787 15:05 12 Aug 2009

first link should have been this one:

click here-(x16)-900MHz-GDDR5-GPU-750MHz-DL-DVI-I-HDMI-D-Sub-HDCP

  GaT7 16:27 12 Aug 2009

The Toxic version will be the better performer out of the two on account of its superior out of the box clock figures: 950/750 vs 1000/780.

If there isn't a large difference between the two in terms of price, choose the Toxic version as it also comes with a Vapor-X cooler - see click here. G

P.S. For troublesome links use click here the second time aroung. E.g. your broken link via tinyurl click here

  GaT7 16:34 12 Aug 2009

Free delivery for Scan via click here (easier) or click here. G

  Bailey08787 12:15 13 Aug 2009

you truly are a font of all knowledge

Are the differences in clock figures particular significant?

Plus will the higher clock figures necessitate a harder-working fan / louder fan in operation?

Or do you think the Vapor-X will run at the same speeds / provide the same levels of cooling / noise levels on both cards?

  GaT7 12:25 13 Aug 2009

Well, to answer all your questions in a nutshell, I'd go for the Toxic (if it wasn't significantly more expensive), as the difference in noise/cooling is going to be negligible. G

  Bailey08787 12:34 13 Aug 2009

good stuff, cheers

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