difference between two Acer monitors.

  Rebanut 20:20 03 Feb 2006

I bought an Acer AL1716S 17in TFT Monitor from Argos a couple of days ago or so I thought, on unpacking and setting up I saw on the monitor itself the number AL1717, can anyone here tell me if the one I have is an older model or inferior in terms of specs, the 1717 is not listed in the argos catalogue now, can anyone help please as I dont know if I should return it and get the AL1716.
Many thanks.

  rmcqua 23:14 03 Feb 2006

Well, Rebanut, I have been looking around a bit and I can't find much difference between the1717 and the 1716S in specification. The 1717 seems to be a bit morre expensive. That, together with the fact that when equipment manufacturers upgrade their models they often increment the model number, leads me to think that you need not be concerned. Enjoy!

  Rebanut 23:50 03 Feb 2006

thank you my friend for the information.

  Stuartli 00:03 04 Feb 2006

Normally a higher model number means a more recent (and perhaps superior specification) version.

  spuds 11:34 04 Feb 2006

You will generally find, that the slight coding difference is to do with marketing to different outlets. If you check places like any of the DSG companies, you will see a manufacturers model, with perhaps slight cosmetic changes and a slight prefix in the model number. A typical example at PCW and Curry's with the Epson CX3600 printer, is the model is white,elsewhere the casing is a different colour, plus you may find the coding as been changed to CX3650. Same identical model components and work-wise, but slightly different in colour or coding number.

If you are worried, that there is a noticeable difference, then contact Argos for an explanation.

  hzhzhz 11:42 04 Feb 2006

acer 1716 --max refresh rate 75Hz
acer 1717 -- max refresh rate 80 Hz
Thats the only difference I can see.

  hzhzhz 11:51 04 Feb 2006

My mate has the 1716 and he uses it with high spec gaming rig. He's pleased with it. Looks to me that the 1717 is virtually the same model. Enjoy.

  Rebanut 11:56 04 Feb 2006

Cheers for all your help, I have contacted Argos and Acer but no replies as yet.
Many thanks again.

  hzhzhz 12:06 04 Feb 2006

acer 1716 has 12ms response time
acer 1717 has 8ms response time

  hzhzhz 12:07 04 Feb 2006

Im thinking of getting a 1717 myself.

  Rebanut 12:17 04 Feb 2006

As I sit here now in front of screen I can see it flickering, which I hadnt seen before, so it looks like argos will get it back anyhow, and if I get a refund which one do I go for, oh well I better start looking on the net.

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