difference between motherboard and chipset???

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just wondering whether there is a difference between the motherboard and the chipset?

buying a computer with a foxconn mobo and an intel 945P chipset, and wondering whether there is an actual difference between the two ?

help would be appreciated

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The Motherboard is the large item onto which all other components are plugged. CPU,Memory, sockets for drives and external connectors.
The chipset is a built in feature of the Motherboard and is supplied by various makers such as Intel, VIA etc. this with the Bios actually run the system and control all other functions -
When purchasing a Motherboard- to a given spec you do not get an option- the chip set is built in, its part of the package.
I you read the a certain chipset, is not that writers choice- well its that writers opinion.
Rest assured if the board is on general sale the chip set will do the business, otherwise it wont have got that far.

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in short.

The chipset is part of the motherboard, it's not optional or an extra.

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The difference is

The chipset (basically two large chips) is made by Intel

Foxconn buy the chipsets - and lots of other components, and assemble them onto a motherboard.

Foxconn will be making motherboards with different chipsets - and intel will be supplying chipsets to lots of board manufacturers.

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