Did you buy the Medion MD 8818

  BRYNIT 14:49 04 Dec 2006

I Know you may have only just set your computer up and still trying to get somethings to work but I was just wandering what you thought of the computer before I decide to buy and give my old Medion computer to my niece.

Is the computer what you expected. Have you had any minor problem when setting up the computer like the TV tuner.

I would be grateful for any information.

  Charlemagne 11:24 10 Dec 2006

I have bought one but have not set it up yet. Judging by other threads in this forum the 'huge' 1024MB DDR Ram will be inadequate to run Vista. I also question their claim that the support hotline is charged at National Rates when the number supplied starts 0870 which is a premium rate.

The keyboard and mouse are rather naff.

Perhaps these are minor niggles in what looks like a value for money package.

Maybe keeping the thread alive will produce more comments.

  Stuartli 11:41 10 Dec 2006

>>when the number supplied starts 0870 which is a premium rate.>>

It depends on the company how much is charged per minute - it's not a given as they say...:-)

The details of pricing should be made clear.

Otherwise see if it's available via click here

  Stuartli 11:42 10 Dec 2006

The BBC and Granada in my area (North West) often use 0901 as a prefix for competition phone numbers, but the cost is usually either 10p (BBC) or 25p (Granada).

0901 is usually most definitely a "premium rate" number.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:01 10 Dec 2006

Might be a good idea for Charlemagne to set up the PC soon - any problems should be reported as soon as possible...

  BRYNIT 19:04 10 Dec 2006

Thank you for your response.

I took the plunge and got my computer on Wednesday. I took it back for a replacement on Friday due to a faulty TV card (would not receive ITV channels)and key board. What fun getting Aldi to exchange the computer.

Although the keyboard looks a bit naff it does what its supposed too if you get one that works that is. The first one I had would only work if it was about 1" from the sensor. Looks like they may have a few duff keyboard as the answer machine from the help line number now asks if you have a problem with the keyboard. I think I will stick to my old keyboard.

The biggest problem I found was removing the programs not required especially Office trial 2003 if do get an error try doing a repair first and then uninstall. Remember to look for and delete all the folders left behind.

I did try ordering the Vista disk but due to the order page changing to another language I couldn't. It looks like I will have to e-mail Medion.

Possible Upgrade

Only one spare PCI slot

There is room for at least another hard drive if required

If you did decided to upgrade the memory from 1 to 2GB you would have to take out the 2 512MB first as these take up both slots.

The recovery disk does works if you have problems but remember not to move alter the recovery file name on the D drive.

If you have an external HD I would suggest when you have got all your programs install use something like Acronis TI to create a back up this will save having to load all your programs again.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 10 Dec 2006

BRYNIT - interesting feedback, thanks.

What was the problem with the exchange? Although Aldi exclude PCs from their unconditional exchange policy, I've not heard of problems before.

Upgrading RAM is limited as you say - but for now at least that provided will suffice for most applciations.

Good idea re Acronis - I do this when I have a tidy install of Windows.

  BRYNIT 22:52 10 Dec 2006

Diodorus Siculus

Aldi try to get you to deal with the manufacturer Medion.

When I arrived at Aldi's it was about 6pm the person in charge was trying to be helpful but had only recently started to work for Aldi’s (previous employment solicitor) and had to rely on the hand book as the Area Manager was not available.

His information was if Medion refuse to accept the faulty computer back Aldi would be stuck with it. He said he needed a returns number before he could exchange the computer and would try to phone Medion. No luck the person he needed to speak to had gone home.

He wasn’t sure what to do. As I had the computer for two days I mention the sales of good act and made three suggestions. 1 a refund, 2 exchange or 3 a discount in which case I would wait for Medion to repair the computer. The poor chap knew I was within my rights to reject the good but wanted to make sure he didn’t make a mistake in his decision. He started to read carefully the Aldi hand book the part about the sales of good act due to this he made the decision to exchange the computer. We then had to check that everything was in the box and the correct paperwork had been filled in this took about 45 minutes.

If I had gone to Aldi’s earlier I may not have had to wait as long for a decision to exchange the computer.

  Stuartli 23:18 10 Dec 2006

I've never had to change or replace an item from Aldi as expensive as a computer system, but my local store provides an exchange or refund on the spot providing you produce the receipt.

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