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Did I get what I paid for?

  dagbladet 10:42 01 Jan 2006

I'm having a nightmare with my first attempt at Graphics card upgrade. Latest epsisode includes reserving a card, using the 'collect at store' scheme at PCW, driving across to Orpington only to be told "we can't find them, we should have three". OK fair enough, these things happen, but one of the features of collect at store is taking your phone number. Surely a quick call to say "don't bother coming, we'll let you know if we find it etc". I appreciate it's a busy time but why take my phone number? Anyway the following the card was once again showing as in stock, once again I did collect at store, this time picked it up. Now I have got it home I see it is not the 'Sapphire' that I reserved but a 'Powercolor'. Now the numbers all appear the same but looking at PCW's site they are definately two different cards. I know nothing about graphic cards and this could well be a case of PCW using initiative and substituting like for like. I suppose that the fact that I can't install the card is, to a degree what is irritating me most but i'll save that for the helproom.

  dagbladet 11:04 01 Jan 2006

This is what I reserved click here

This is what I got
click here

  dagbladet 11:30 01 Jan 2006

Big problem is trying to contact the actual store and not some central call centre.

  dagbladet 11:44 01 Jan 2006

Thanks. The issue here is not a dig at PCW, but like I say, owing to my total lack of knowledge re: graphics cards, I don't know if i've been given a duffer, or in fact if PCW have done me a favour.

  spuds 12:51 01 Jan 2006

You received a more expensive card, so perhaps this was a gesture of goodwill due to an other wise wasted journey. I was faced with a similar incident a couple of months ago. Ordered on-line a printer, and the local store phoned me up about an hour later requesting that I collect the item.Due to store near closing time, I decided to collect the next day, but on arrival the printer could not be found, as it would appear that another sales assistant had sold it !.

As a way of amends, I was offered an alternative more expensive similar model printer for the same price. Took the alternative, and have been happy ever since.

If you are still unsure, go back to the store and do a double check, as to specifications and product availability. But before doing so, have another on-line check to see if both models are still listed.

  dagbladet 13:02 01 Jan 2006

Thanks a lot folks. You've collectively answered the questions I had. It would seem then to be pretty much the same card. The bundled software was just Cyberlink DVD utilities, a game would have been nice but win some-lose some, I don't know what was bundled with the Sapphire. PCW had the Sapphire(which i reserved) on reduced Web price £42 from £59, whereas the Powercolor (which i got) was full price £59. So time to just get on with making the card work properly, back to the helproom. Thanks again.

  dagbladet 13:10 01 Jan 2006


Without wishing to be too po-faced about it. Whilst I acknowledge that i have got a (sort of) dearer card, it was hardly a geture of goodwill. I found out for myself that the 9550 was apparently showing as in stock after the previous wasted journey. There was no connection between the two incidents. On the first instance I was offered nothing for my wasted journey when they couldn't find the card. I was not contacted to say don't come we can't find it, neither was I contacted to say we've got something similar, would youlike us to reserve one for you. I shall stress once again though this has at no stage been a dig at PCW, merely a trawl for knowledge regarding graphics cards.

  dagbladet 10:35 03 Jan 2006

Hmm never thaought of it that way. Just looking at the reciept now and it says Sapphire. Wonder what would happen if I had to take it back.

BTW it's working generally fine, though I have had a couple of 'lock-ups' where the picture sort of pixelates into vertical lines. A restart is required to overcome this.

  spuds 11:25 03 Jan 2006

That's a thought regarding the receipt details. I recall someone made a posting about returning some memory chip back to PCW, and the store assistant proved difficult, as they 'didn't stock that brand'.Apparently the matter was eventually resolved, as the memory chip was a special discontinued promotional offer, which the store assistant knew nothing about.

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