dial up ISP in Italy

  Jarvo 19:49 19 Jun 2004

Hi I am off to Italy next week can anyone recommend a dial up pay per minuet ISP to use out there.


  spuds 21:20 19 Jun 2004

Not sure, but I think Tiscali do a payg service

  Jarvo 06:44 20 Jun 2004


Thanks for your reply I try-ed tiscali last year, the UK help desk did not have much information about dial up outside the UK and the number they gave me did not work. bizarrely in Italy it is not easy to pick up an ISP free CD so I was hoping a forum member had used an ISP out there.
once again thanks for your reply.


  spuds 15:36 20 Jun 2004
  Jarvo 20:46 20 Jun 2004

Thanks spuds

Looks like I need a modem cable adapter evidently modem cables are wired differently in Italy and that was probably my problem last year.

typical of the Italians if there is an odd way of doing something they will do it (I know this very well being married to one!)

Thanks again


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