Dial up internet access

  Beatnik 21:58 23 Jan 2012

While it may seem about ten years out of date, I was hoping to find out if anyone was still using/ has experience of current dial up internet packages.

To cut a long story short, parents have been happily using unlimited dial up package through Tesco for many years. Service due to be wound up next month. Far too rural to receive anything resembling proper broadband speeds for the prices they are being quoted. Similarly so for mobile signals and data speed.

For the hours they use, a PAYG service would be expensive.

It's taken them a while to get used to the idea of using the internet but they would now be lost without it. I'm trying to sort something out for them, but all reviews on the net are either very out of date or woefully bad.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance Pete

  [email protected] 23:24 23 Jan 2012

Satellite broadband may be your best option, although chances are there will be a substantial initial setup cost.

Without looking too deeply on Google, here is one company that could supply you.

  Aitchbee 23:35 23 Jan 2012

Beatnik, I'm still on dial-up - and am using it right now. It's with VM and costs me £15 per month, but you have to have a line as well, which adds another £14, or so.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

ps, I also use ONSPEED, which makes dial-up work faster, and costs about £25 per year. (but you can get it cheaper after a year's usage)

  onthelimit1 09:19 24 Jan 2012

If you have to pay 15 quid a month for dialup, you may as well have broadband for less than that. Even if the speed is not great, it will be faster than dialup, and with the benefit of always on

  spuds 10:09 24 Jan 2012

Surely if Tesco, using a third party sub-contractor, could provide a service, then any of the other main ISP's can supply the same as a package for less price?.

Broadband Choices or Martin Lewis's Money Expert might be able to provide some answers?.

Having a general look, it would appear that Plusnet are the only ISP that might have a different rate band for difficult to reach areas, which I cannot understand, that being a BT offshoot company, and BT having the line and exchanges monopoly.

  Terry Brown 15:06 24 Jan 2012

Would this link be any good to you



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