Dial up

  [email protected] 17:04 28 Aug 2003

Has anybody heard of the rumour that within 2 years ISP'S will no longer offer dial up,it will all be broadband connection.I for one don't believe that isp's will be able (or afford) to let dial facility to go without broadband being accessable to all areas,be it town or rural.
I my self live in a rural community of just under 200 people so broadband for us is a pipe dream.
I have tried contacting my own isp(aol) but as yet have not recieved a reply
I also appogise if this is in the wrong forum area and I am not trying to scare or alarm people with this posting.Iam just trying to find out if this is "just a rumour" or if there is any truth in this.

  Gaz 25 17:46 28 Aug 2003

Well lets hope Broadband gets cheaper.


  Fordy 20:39 28 Aug 2003

I shouldn't worry about it just yet - you might be run over by a bus next week and all that worrying will be wasted!

  wee eddie 21:00 28 Aug 2003

That in time there will be fewer ISP's offering dial up. What a stupid thing to say.

As more people migrate to broadband, broadband will become slower (this slowing may not be appreciable to the layman but will be measurable).

Dial up will become faster. Fewer people crowding the pipes.

Dial-up has its uses as you can access your account wherever you can find a telephone socket.

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