Dhould I move to BT for Broadband

  iscanut 10:41 30 Dec 2012

Are there any BT Broadband users out there ? I am currently with Eclipse and get 12Mbps on connection which I am happy with.I am 1 mile from an exchange. BT have made an offer which is cheaper than what I currently pay. Is there connection reliable, could I expect the same or better speed, is their Hub any good and is it wireless ADSL2 router/modem. I suppose I could check on their site, but would like to hear from other users. Thanks.

  iscanut 11:45 30 Dec 2012

Dhould !! Should have been SHOULD.

  Nontek 14:04 30 Dec 2012

If BT Infinity is available in your area, then I would advise you to go for it.

I have always used BT, never really had any problems of note. Changing to BT Infinity increased my Broadband speed from under 2Meg right up to 72Meg, with a regular speed in excess of 35Meg.

BT Hub and Router both Provided by BT are fine. I have no complaints.

  iscanut 15:01 30 Dec 2012

The Hub will be free But no sign of Infinity coming to my exchange in the next couple of years. I am really more concerned that I will get a drop in speed although I don't see why I should.

  interzone55 17:26 30 Dec 2012

I'd also check how much BT will charge you after the introductory period, as they're not known for being the cheapest

  morddwyd 19:03 30 Dec 2012

Like all the others, what you get is not always what they promise.

I am supposed to get 8 meg and rarely even get 6, sometimes they struggle with 4.

  Quiller. 19:25 30 Dec 2012

As with all ISP's, the majority find the service good but it falls down flat for a few.

I have had a few issues with BT and had to threaten them with the ombudsman before they took action and my sister who has been with BT for over 25 years is having the devil of a job just to transfer her account to a new home.

  spuds 19:48 30 Dec 2012

What you might need to consider, is that most ISP's use BT's infrastructure for providing a service, so what you get with your present ISP you should get with BT, if you change to them.

When I had speed problems with TalkTalk, it was BT OpenReach who did the outside and in part the exchange work, and TT did the rest. But in the end, it all came down to 'what the line would take'. I went from about 1MB to 6MB, after cables, joints renewed, exchange parts replaced etc.

The thing that I found interesting when all the above was going on, was BT were very quick in sending their engineer's, after TalkTalk gave them the go ahead, "because they (BT) were getting paid for it?".

  nickf 20:19 30 Dec 2012

If you have the option , I personally would go with Virgin . I have found them very reliable , and get great speed from them .

  Forum Editor 00:22 31 Dec 2012

I have used BT broadband since ADSL was first introduced in the UK, and I have to say that I haven't had a single problem with the service over the years.

I currently have BT Infinity which is very fast and very reliable.

  onthelimit1 08:54 31 Dec 2012

'I currently have BT Infinity which is very fast and very reliable'

Lucky you. We were due to have it in Baschurch at the beginning of the year, and STILL nothing. Requests to BT for updates have fallen on deaf ears.

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