Deva Thermostatic Bath/Shower Mixer Tap

  flycatcher1 15:06 06 Dec 2011

For various reasons we need to purchase a Lever operated Mixer Tap for our Bath. The Deva is a good fit and looks to be the correct one for our situation. Only problem, I have never heard of Deva and nor has my Plumber. Any experience or advice on the make or the subject would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 19:41 06 Dec 2011

Deva is a UK-based company which is part of the Methven group. Deva has been around for a long time, and I'm very surprised that your plumber hasn't heard the name.

The company makes excellent taps - you should have no worries over quality or reliability.

  flycatcher1 22:41 06 Dec 2011

wiz-king and FE. Thanks for the comments. I was aware that they look a good company but I just wondered if any Forum Members had used their products.

  Forum Editor 08:15 07 Dec 2011

I imagine that many people have taps made by this company and don't even realise it.

  flycatcher1 11:10 08 Dec 2011

FE I think that you are right - who looks at the make of the taps one is using? My plumber is a Mira man and so was I until this problem has occured. Distaff and the Bank Manager now have the final call.

  Forum Editor 19:09 08 Dec 2011

"Distaff and the Bank Manager now have the final call."

It is ever thus. Good luck.

  flycatcher1 22:37 19 Jan 2012

Just to finish this topic.

Shower purchased, installed and working to distaff's satisfaction. What more can one ask?

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