Desperate Laptop Help!!!

  Leeleemu 19:14 31 Jul 2005

I am going to University in September to study Creative Visualisation, Animation and Special Effects but I have to buy a laptop to take to University. I have no experience or knowledge on the subject of laptops.

At University I will be using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Bryce, Discreets 3DS Max and Softimages 3D XSI.

I am also a huge gaming fan, could you please help me with a specification for a laptop for my course.

Many Thanks, Lee

  Forum Editor 19:23 31 Jul 2005

because you're going to need a powerful beast of a laptop to run those applications successfully.

Go to click here and work your way through to a Voyager A610 A34. Then click on the 'configure' button and change the Operating system to Windows Professional, the installed RAM to 1Gb and the hard drive to 100Gb. Add a carrying case, but don't add anything else, and you should be looking at a price of around £1200.

It's still light outside, I should start cleaning that car and then you could mow the lawn.

  Joe R 19:26 31 Jul 2005


For the price, you may find this hard to beat. click here

  Slithe 20:36 31 Jul 2005

Toshiba run a student scheme that give laptops at discounted prices to students starting university for the first time.

I can remember this from my VI Form Days, (having taken a gap year this year, I didn't bother applying)unfortuantely I haven't got the details to hand.

Someone in this forum may be able to help you - but it is definately worth a look.

  genuinefake 21:11 31 Jul 2005

...or you could go for an apple powerbook?

  Forum Editor 22:39 31 Jul 2005

is that it has a 17" screen, which you'll find invaluable for the type of work you'll be doing.

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