Desperate for advice on CTX monitor refund.

  Kypros 11:52 05 May 2004

I have just taken delivery of a second new CTX EX700F 17” crt monitor after the original one had problems. This one is worse. It will not handle anything higher than 90Hz vertical refresh rate, whilst the graphics card had no problem doing it with a Phillips monitor of the same type.

Worse, it has a grainy effect on the desktop background which moves as you revolve the monitor. There are no magnetic interferences from anywhere and I took the speakers out of the room. Also the colour setting are fine at 24 bit.
And it is not reflection, nor is it several other things which I checked out.
It is quite odd.

I called CTX and they were spectacularly unhelpful to the point of bluntness and rudeness, suggesting that I go to Simply Computers for a refund.
I am desperate for further advice because this is a monitor I am setting up for my elderly neighbour and I am trying to avoid being seen as a complete failure after promising I would fix her up with a good monitor. It has cost her £99.86 and I think that is nowhere near value for money

  Sir Radfordin 12:38 05 May 2004

According to CTX the screen resolutions for the monitor in question are:

1280 x 1024 @ 67Hz
1024 x 768 @ 89Hz
800 x 600 @ 114Hz
640x480 @ 130Hz

So unless you are running it at 800x600 you won't be able to get higher than 90Hz. I am known for being able to spot the slightest flicker in a monitor and am more than happy with 75Hz.

If you want a refund then you will have to go to Simply since it is them you have the contract with.

  Kypros 12:48 05 May 2004

You know I respect your advice, it is usually spot on and worth while. However, this EX700F and the one it has replaced will not run any higher than 90Hz at 800x600. The lady concerned cannot see at higher screen resolutions and I am amazed that the monitor was showing a wavy line moving from bottom to top when being run at "optimal" refresh rate of 100hz - especially since they advertise it to do 118 at 800x600. Now it's replacement has the same problem AND this grainy effect which is caused by God knows what.

I might add that CTX's man, an Asian "gentleman", was very abrupt and unhelpful and he was a manager.

I would just love to hear what on earth I should do now. Should I ask Simply to recommend another manufacturer or model? Will they give me a refund or will they insist I buy something else?

  Sir Radfordin 12:53 05 May 2004

It is very difficult to know if this is a characteristic of the CTX monitor or a fault. If you have had it less than 7 days then you may be able to return it to Simply without penalty. That may be the best thing.

You could try the monitor on another PC just to see if it makes a difference. Was there a CD with monitor profiles included in the box? Make sure you have installed any software.

  Kypros 13:06 05 May 2004

Yes, I installed the correct drivers from the CTX CD ROM when we had the first monitor last Thursday. After plugging in the new (swap out)monitor this morning I checked the drivers and all is OK. I also took the trouble to talk to my very experienced gentleman friend who is an IT engineer with twenty years of experience on the phone as I installed it in case I did something wrong. So the installation was OK.
I am presently waiting for my friend (who's monitor it is) to return from a luncheon date so that I can ask Simply to refund her debit card.
I wish I could advise her what we should buy, and I also wish I had not got into this.

I have just received a parcel from Securicor containing a Canon printer for her. I am praying and fraught with worry about what will happen next.

I've never had problems buying for myself....isn't it anazing?

  Sir Radfordin 18:16 05 May 2004

I know exactly how you feel, and have learnt my lesson with this in the past. I make it very very very clear to anyone I recommend products to that things can and may go wrong and whilst I do my best to only recommend 'good' companies and will help resolve problems I am never prepared to take any kind of responsibility for anything that may happen.

Hope you get something sorted soon.

  Kypros 18:35 05 May 2004

Simply have offered to pick up the monitor for a refund. Apparently the manager who authorises refunds is on holiday so we will have to wait a week for the money to be credited, assuming no further problems develop. When the money is refunded we will be back to square one, and I thoroughly endorse your comments about advising people on what to's a minefield.
However, I must keep my promise and get Wendy a monitor somehow. She's using my boyfriend's Phillips 107T right now, so maybe I should get one of them or something close.
By the way, I discovered that the graphics card is the villain in the piece causing the wavy rippling line at refresh rates over 90.
How we live and learn!

  wee eddie 19:42 05 May 2004

There is nothing wrong with the monitor.

Keep it and run it at one of it's recommended refresh rates.

90Hz is fairly excessive any way.

Oh! And apologise to Simply while your at it.

  spuds 23:43 05 May 2004

I am surprised CTX treated you in a non-friendly manner. I have dealt with this company on many occassions, and all transactions and dealings have been to my satisfaction.Perhaps I have been lucky or perhaps the gentleman was having a off day.

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