Flimsii 21:17 21 Jun 2009

i was wondering wether this website is any good?i was also looking at pc specialist budget is around 300-380 and am looking for an amd/ati computer help would be appreciated.

  alB 21:28 21 Jun 2009

Read this thread re PC/Desktopoption before you go any further ...alB

  alB 21:29 21 Jun 2009
  Kevscar1 22:50 21 Jun 2009

They were forced to lay off staff and move to smaller premises last year and change name because of all the bad reviews. My advice run away

  Si_L 23:09 21 Jun 2009

Desktop Option were formally known as PC Option, do a search on this forum for PC Option before you buy from them and I think you will quickly change your mind.

  dagnammit 23:20 21 Jun 2009

My advice.... stay well away.

A quick search returns plenty of results that would scare you ranging from:

a. faulty goods, DOA
b. late or wrong delivery
c. abusive customer service
d. no refunds, refusal to repair/replace
e. charge unlawful restocking fees
f. substituted components
g. igores court orders

these are all ones I've read on PCAdvisor alone! Just use the search feature.

  Flimsii 08:27 24 Jun 2009

what about pc specialist are they any good?

  dagnammit 10:03 24 Jun 2009

Well, I haven't read any complaints....

  Zaphod 3 10:11 24 Jun 2009

First thing you should do is buy a bargepole.

Secondly have a look at Novatech they did have some offers yesterday, you may have to add an operating system with some of them though.

click here

  Forum Editor 19:01 24 Jun 2009

to avoid or stay away from a particular supplier, especially if you have no personal experience of the company's products or services - let others make judgements based on what they read in the forum, and on any personal experiences that are posted here.

As far as I'm aware we have seen no adverse comment from customers of Desktop Option, but we have seen plenty in respect of PC Option. I have reason to believe that Desktop Option is operated by the same person who operated PC Option, and in the past it's fair to say that we have seen many complaints about PC Option.

In the end you must make your own decision about who you buy from, and it makes sense to do a little research first.

As far as PC Specialist is concerned we have seen both good and bad comments about the company, but it's probably fair to say that on balance the good has outweighed the bad.

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