Desktop Replacement Notebook

  Fruity69 18:47 12 Jan 2003
  Fruity69 18:47 12 Jan 2003

I need to replace my desktop computer and I need to be able to take it out and about. I'm thinking about a Rock Quaddra notebook. Any opinions on this choice? Is Rock's 3 year Collect & Return warranty worth the paper it's written on? Even more important - am I likely to need to invoke the warranty!?!?!?

Any other options you'd recommend from personal experience?

  Forum Editor 20:00 12 Jan 2003

almost any new Notebook will act as a desktop replacement nowadays, mobile computing has moved with the times in no uncertain terms, and sometimes I find myself preferring to use my HP notebook in the office as well as on the move.

I don't know the Rock Quaddra personally, so I'm no help there, but my experience - gained over a good few years using many notebooks - has taught me that if they're going to fail they do so pretty early on their lives. Otherwise they go on and on until the screen lights fail, or the machine simply becomes outdated. The kiss of death with these machines is overheating - beware of this, and don't do as one client recently did and sit working in bed for two hours with the laptop snuggled down on her lap on a pillow.

  Magik™ 23:35 12 Jan 2003

if it is like their (Rock) sigma laptop, you will not go wrong, mine is 18 months old and has never missed a beat, not once...

  wee eddie 21:47 13 Jan 2003

I am assuming that your not a gamer - the two do not mix.

Get the best/biggest display you can!

Most of the rest of the differences between the better machines are defined in milliseconds

  Fruity69 21:59 14 Jan 2003

Nope, not a gamer - you're right there. I've got up to £1,400 to spend - could I spend it better elsewhere on a reliable, well supported, well specified, notebook/laptop with a good 15" screen?

  BRYNIT 01:56 15 Jan 2003

I can't advise on the notebook but would suggest that you make sure you insured it and keep regular back ups.

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