Desktop replacement-advice please

  New Neophyte 23:52 29 Nov 2004

I am in the market for a sub-£1000 desktop replacement. My best choice would seem to be the Tiny Powerlite C825, at least that's what this magazine says! However, I've heard that Tiny suffers from poor build quality and reliability, and the warranty offered is not exactly a thrill, which scares me a little.

Weight and battery life are not issues-the machine will mostly sit on my desk.

So my question: (a) is this machine my best option at this price point, given what seems to be an excellent raft of features, and (b) is there a viable alternative?


New Neophyte

  recap 09:55 30 Nov 2004

click here for the review from PCA.

As the review say's:

At this price you can’t really argue. Okay, the PowerLite’s battery life is poor and the warranty is only a year long, but look at what you’re getting for just £1,000. Performance is great, storage and backup options are second-to-none and the screen is superb. Overall, the Tiny is well worth its Gold award".

Personally I would shop around to see if there are any others that could come close to the spec's of the Tiny machine.

This is a laptop and not a Desktop.

  New Neophyte 10:11 30 Nov 2004


LOL, a desktop replacement laptop, which is of course what I meant.

And you will note I made reference to the review, so therefore logically had read it.

I'm not sure if your response actually constitutes advice, but thanks anyway.

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