desktop notebook replacement-what CPU is better?

  gaudda 21:38 24 May 2005

I'm writing you to ask for advice.
I'm going to buy a notebook, but i'm going to use it as a desktop, i
need to be able to move it from time to time. I'm going to use this
to basic stuff and video editing, but just some home videos. At the
beginning i was thinking in buying a notebook with an Intel p4
but after some investigation i'm now considering the AMD Athlon(TM) 64
(2.0GHz/512KB L2 Cache).
Some friends are trying to convince me on buying the P4, others the new
centrino technology.
I would apreciate any advice you can give me to help me decide.
Another thing is the RAM. How much should i by? Is 512MB enought or i
spend more 90$ and get 1Gb.
Thanks for your time

  [email protected] 23:51 24 May 2005

This all goes back to the classic Intel vs AMD debate where there is no real right or wrong answer.

As far as I know, the AMD chips are better performers and better value for money than the Intel chips but the Intel Pentium M (Centrino) is better for power consumption if battery life is a major factor (and still performs very well too).

As for RAM, 512MB will be suitable for the vast majority of todays tasks. It depends what your using the laptop for and how long your planning to keep it as to whether or not you should upgrade to 1GB. It would be worth asking the manufacturer whether or not you can upgrade the RAM at a later date.


  TomJerry 00:00 25 May 2005

Intel P4: good for video/video encoding/editing

AMD: good for game and number crushing

P-M is great for portable, but more expensive, P4 better to desktop replacement

It is easy to upgrade RAM, get 1GB if you have enough cash to start

THE most important thing: get a fast hard drive. If you can, ask for IBM Hitach Travel Star E60K7 which is the only lappy HDD run at 7200rpm. If you cannot get it, get 5400rpm model such as Segate, do not take 4200rpm model

Some desktop replacement Lappys can task two HDD and configure them as Raid 0, great performance

Get a good graphics card becuase video editing need it for encoding

  gaudda 00:01 25 May 2005

Thanks Dave.
what about the 512KB L2 Cache OF the AMD Athlon(TM) 64 3200+. Does that make it worse than the 2MB L2 Cache of the centrino's. What i want is performance at low cost, is this processor a good bet?

  gaudda 00:05 25 May 2005

As i'm going to use the notbook as a desktop, don't you think it's better to buy a weak Hard drive and spend some money in an external powerfull one ( like the maxtor 200gb 7200rpm)?

  TomJerry 10:18 25 May 2005

you run all window functions from internal HDD becuase external is not normally bootable

Better option for "Desktop lappy": get a SFF (small form factor) or Cube PC with a LCD monitor, they are desktop PC with small case (just about the size of a Toaster), all models from Shuttle click here are excellent

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