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  The Thread Baron 14:39 28 Dec 2008

I'm about to purchase a new desktop which will mainly be used for web surfing, digital photography and occasional desktop publishing. I'm currently using a very cheap HP laptop (running Vista) that's painfully slow with Photoshop, Acrobat and Publisher. I don't have a big budget but want something reasonably quick that won't be completely out of date in 2 years time.

I'm thinking along the lines of a couple of core 2 duo's, a graphics card with at least 256mb, a hard drive with about 500gb and a 19" widescreen monitor. Having done some research Millenium Computers seem to offer good value and have mostly positive feedback on eBay. The options I'm looking at are:

click here

click here

click here

I already have XP so no OS required. Obviously there may be upgrades such as a monitor or graphics card to add.

What do you think?

  Pamy 15:34 28 Dec 2008

Is XP installed on another computer?

If so then you do not have XP to use on new computer

  Pamy 15:42 28 Dec 2008

Is XP OEM disk or full retail version. if OEM it dies with original machine, retail version can be reinstalled on new machine if old one scrapped, ie sytem removed

  The Thread Baron 15:43 28 Dec 2008

No, this is an unused copy.

  The Thread Baron 15:45 28 Dec 2008

retail version actually.

  Pamy 15:53 28 Dec 2008

All seams well, hope others can help with your choice

  iscanut 17:17 28 Dec 2008

A rather pointless and unasked for intervention !

  The Thread Baron 17:32 28 Dec 2008

Anyone like to contribute with an actual comment on my possible choices?????

  Pamy 21:52 28 Dec 2008

"A rather pointless and unasked for intervention !"

The Thread Baron,do you agree with Isac view?

  tullie 22:34 28 Dec 2008

What was pointless abou pamys posts,can you contribute?

  Woolwell 00:07 29 Dec 2008

Please don't post duplicate threads click here as it can get confusing.
Personally I would not buy a PC from e-bay. There is an 0870 number but no actual address. I would compare similar specs with other companies like Novatech, Dell, Cougar, etc.

Only your 1st one give a 500Gb hard drive.
Almost any thing will be out of date in 2 years time.

Which version of XP have you got? Note on the sites the memory limitations. There is no point in having 4 Gb of memory with 32 bit XP as it will not recognise above 3 Gb. Those systems seem designed to run Vista.

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