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  mbp 09:55 06 Nov 2004

The latest program for DTP for those who are keen is here. It looks good, it looks exciting, it looks likely to be a winner. It is Serif's Page Plus 10. I am still on PagePlus8 and I love it.

  Vague Boy 13:19 06 Nov 2004

Anybody bought PagePlus 10 yet? I'm particularly interested in how it handles footnotes, especially if it is possible to import a Word document with footnes intact.

  spuds 16:26 06 Nov 2004

Serif special offer flyers are offering PagePlus 9 for £9.95 and PagePlus 8 for £5.95 with free 4 point usb hub and bonus design cd. Both offers require extra charge of £3.00 per handling/admin.

A couple of sites possibly worth a look click here click here

  mbp 17:39 06 Nov 2004

Anyone with any interest in DTP must look at Spuds URL's. You cannot ignore the Page Plus 9 offer, a bargain not to be missed. Page Plus 10 if you are very keen and want the latest, but it is still very cheap, IMHO, but the program is not cheap or inferior.

  Pesala 18:27 06 Nov 2004

Unfortunately, it is not able to do that (at least not for WordPerfect). The footnote indexes are displayed, but not the notes themselves. Just a bit too much to hope for. The feature works very well though.

There are some great new features, but also some serious bugs for those, like me, who are using Windows ME. I am still contemplating returning it for a refund, but will probably keep it. I haven't started using it in earnest yet, as there is no way to save PP10 files in PP9 format.

1. Unicode is not supported in ME

2. PDF files with 100+ bookmarks take about 100 times longer to generate than in PP9 - 25 minutes instead of 10 seconds.

A patch is likely to fix at least the second of these. click here

  Pesala 18:44 06 Nov 2004

click here to see how footnotes work. I used two frames, filled them with place-holder text (another new feature) and made a few notes. Then pasted some text into the first note. The long note flows nicely to the second frame, no obvious problems.

  mbp 19:12 06 Nov 2004

It would appear that you are using PP10 with WordPerfect (No..?) and having some problems. Would you have these same problems with Word around which PP10 may have been designed? Probably some patches needed from Serif. Have you informed them of your difficulty?

  Vague Boy 14:51 07 Nov 2004

Thanks for your efforts Pesala. Much appreciated. Although I would agree with mbp that version 9 is in no way inferior, the Unicode support and footnotes added in version 10 were on my personal "wish list".

The Unicode features almost certainly won't work properly on Windows ME because it isn't fully Unicode compatible. Windows 2000 was to the first version of Windows with proper Unicode support.

  Pesala 20:14 07 Nov 2004

Unicode works well enough in Opera or Open Office on Windows ME. Even Wordpad supports it pretty well. I don't buy this excuse that Windows ME is not fully compatible. Though that may be true, if some programs can work, why not others. I can see any Unicode character that a font supports with Babelmap click here and paste it via the clipboard.

Right-to-left scripts etc., may be asking a bit much, but symbols and extended characters shouldn't be too difficult.

I wonder if any of these will display properly? All are displaying fine in the edit box.


  Vague Boy 23:14 07 Nov 2004

I know that when I switched to Windows 2000 a lot of the problems I was having with Unicode characters disappeared (this related to Word and Acrobat in particular). Bitstream fonts for example, wouldn't embed properly without converting them to bitmaps (which massively increased file sizes).

  kinger 22:22 08 Nov 2004

Whenever Serif come out with a new version of their desktop publishing software they always have serious bugs. I had calendar problems some time ago in an earlier version but, sure enough, a patch became available that sorted out this and a host of other problems.

As always with software, one just has to wait.

I am on version 9.0 but intend to upgrade later.

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