derided Eclipse Computers get runner up award

  bnorth 09:50 08 Feb 2010

I see Eclipse Computers have got a runners up award in the 2010 compo.
Its voted for by PC Advisor editors and experts.

Did the general public get to vote then ?
In fact was product reliability and customer service included ?? I imagine industry experts may get more preparation given to their PCs and better treatment than Joe Bloggs.

certainly Eclipse have v bad feedback ( and I know unhappy customers post more but even compared to others it is bad)

I'd love to be able to counter the horror stories...
...but I can't. They are actually a ranch. My experience echoes many, though I was a little more fortunate as I managed to get a full refund. If anything it'll teach me to read consumer reviews before committing to buying.
Advantages: I got a full refund (eventually)
Disadvantages: Misleading website, bad order system, no email replies, no stock, long wait times, delayed refund"

click here

One to avoid at all costs. (The prices are tempting) (Eclipse Computers (Coventry))
Advantages: Cheap.
Disadvantages: Customer service, misleading website, time consuming, sending wrong/ no parts

Here it goes ....

In a nutshell I would avoid the tempting prices of eclipse computers because I have had to fork out around £30 - £40 to send the parts back (Oh yeah, they don't pay for return delivery).

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re return delivery I think the latest Computer active says thats against the Sale of GOods Act

"BEWARE ! I had placed an order for some discs and given a price. Having paid a deposit I then returned on several occasions to find out where these discs were. 2 weeks later, in the shop, I am now told that they cannot let me have the discs because todays price is much higher than it was when I ordered them (I still have the receipt with the original agreed price so I can review with Citizens Advice & The Sale of Goods people). These discs had still not been ordered."
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  OTT_B 10:18 08 Feb 2010

Have you had issues with Eclipse, or have you just dug up complaints about a company just to make a point? If so, what is your point?

I could find complaints about any number of businesses if I wanted to. Let's take Toyota as an example.....

  bnorth 10:23 08 Feb 2010

with respect OTT_B I thought my point was clear

PC Advisor give an award to a company with bad feedback - and that feedback wasn't dug up - it was pouring out of the surface - most reviews including recent ones are negative.

and re "I could find complaints about any number of businesses" I dealt with that point if you remember - "and I know unhappy customers post more but even compared to others it is bad" -

feedback for Eclipse is worse than most PC makers - and its not even a big company to acquire so many unhappy customers !!

  birdface 10:31 08 Feb 2010

Never ever used this company before but searching for reviews it had some of the worst reviews that I have seen for a company.

  bnorth 10:40 08 Feb 2010

quite a few recent reviews here

click here

mostly bad but the odd good one( when it all goes well they are cheap I guess)
so if anyone thinks I'm unfair on Eclipse this is a fairly large selection of feedback

of course they can post here to defend themselves and sort out customer problems if they want but, as far as I know, unlike Mesh (for example) they don't
maybe they're not bothered about their feedback ?

  Covergirl 13:05 08 Feb 2010

. . . and applauded by many, many more.

The PC advisors and editors must have had something to go on. If it's the PC advisors here at "PC Advisor", maybe they will explain in due course

  bnorth 13:29 08 Feb 2010

applauded by many more CG ? well thats up for debate !!

I suspect the PC accessors do not evaluate customer service .. thats the case with PA Advisor reviews
the FE confirmed "they review computers, not companies" as I said in the MESH thread

  Matt Egan 13:41 08 Feb 2010

That award was strictly based on reviews from throughout 2009, reviews in turn based on hardware and software benchmarking under lab conditions in the PC Advisor Test Centre. Eclipse was consistently successful in our Top 5 charts, ergo it is fully deserving of its runners up award.

As to the complaints found online, and indeed Eclipse's customer service, I can make no comment beyond saying that a search on most company names will turn up complaints - unhappy people make a lot more noise than satisfied customers. It's impossible for us to make a fair judgment, so we don't attempt to do so. We do, however, regularly travel to meet with any desktop PC manufacturer we feature, in order to make sure that they are legitimate, going concerns. We visited Eclipse within the past fortnight, and they most certainly fulfil that criteria.

Matt Egan

  Covergirl 20:33 08 Feb 2010

. . . is your grip with Eclipse bnorth? Or who are you campaigning for?

It's fairly obvious you have a problem with them, or did you just pick up on the negative public feedback and thought it should be addressed?

If you're just after a bandwagon to jump on, how about MPs expenses or Ali Dizaei ?

  birdface 20:51 08 Feb 2010

Obviously bnorth has had a bad time dealing with
Eclipse Computers as had many customers in most of the reviews that I have seen.
I think he is within his rights to ask the question as to why Eclipse got a runners up award with PCA.
His question has been answered by the Editor Matt Egan and that should be the finish of it.
We are all entitled to ask questions if we think PCA might be wrong and I don't think that they would have it any other way.
Has bnorth a gripe with Eclipse, As he is a former customer I would say he has and probably this award has upset him so much he had to ask why.

  Forum Editor 22:54 08 Feb 2010

Thank you for your views, but let's allow the originator of the thread to speak for himself/herself shall we? It's not up to you to decide what was or wasn't the motivation for the thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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